Fishbrain's bass fishing gift guide

Check out some of Fishbrain's best deals on gear specifically for the bass angler in your life. Make sure and explore the rest of our fishing gear during our massive Black Friday sales starting this month!

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Fishbrain's bass fishing gift guide

Bass fishing gear is an endless expanse of lures, baits, lines, rods, reels and more. Choosing the best bass fishing gift for that special angler in your life can be overwhelming. There is nothing quite like seeing the look on someone’s face when they unwrap the perfect gift for their favorite hobby. Fishbrain is here to help you narrow that search down for the perfect bass fishing gift. 

Bait and Lures

Lunkerhunt, Phantom Spider

If there is one thing to know about bass anglers, it’s that they love a good topwater bite. Lunkerhunt makes some of the most detail-oriented lures from any fishing company and they are constantly pushing the boundaries to find what patterns a bass goes crazy for. 

Their research has concluded that spiders are on the menu and in a big way.

The Phantom Spider is one of the highest rated lures on the Fishbrain store, because most importantly, it works. The spider has a hollow body that keeps it afloat, a weedless design and eight legs that give individual action as they are dragged across the water’s surface.

The spider works great during warm months, when topwater action is at a peak and when actual spiders venture out toward the water’s edge more readily. 

BioBait, Go Tube in Green Pumpkin

BioBait is on the frontlines of conservation-minded baits. They use non-toxic materials to create a soft plastic that breaks down 99% faster than the industry standards. Their goal is always focused on preserving fish, the fishery and the tradition of fishing. 

Go Tubes are a staple of all bass fishing. BioBait Go Tubes are also infused with fish oil when they are cast, emitting scent for the entire life of the lure. As these baits deteriorate, naturally, they will actually release more scent into the water, meaning they will never dry up and you will never have to dip your lure into scented liquids again.

Livingston Lures, Stick Master 127 

This shallow water diving jerkbait is excellent at eliciting strikes. This lure uses a nice combination of sound and flash when pulled through the water making it difficult for predatory fish to irresist. Even when dead drifting this lure during cold temps, Livingston’s patented technology will draw in hungry fish to strike, often from twice the distance of conventional jerkbaits.

Livingston’s EBS sound technology is activated by the water. When triggered, the noise created is what attracts hungry fish and makes it a great jerk bait to let sit for long intervals between retrieves.


MONSTERBASS Monthly Box Subscription 

MONSTERBASS is the best monthly fishing box on the market, with a process designed to fit you specifically as an angler. When signing, you will let the company know where you fish and every month they will put together a box with lures specifically designed to work best in your location and for your fishing style.

The boxes will also cater to your skill level, letting you slowly learn new techniques and styles, but will also be specific to whether you are a bank angler, or fish from a boat.

If your water is freezing up for the winter and you think the box is only good for the summer months, think again. MONSTERBASS also has boxes for ice anglers, good from November through March!

Rod and Reel Combos

Lit Spinning Combo

The Lit rod and spinning reel combo is a perfect addition for anglers of any skill level. The combo has enough power to fish for large freshwater species, but also employs the sensitivity needed to feel every delicate nibble when finesse fishing. 

The seven foot rod has moderate to fast action and medium to heavy power. Large bass and catfish are sure to be at the mercy of the carbon composite body, but don’t count out panfish either. 

The reel handle is interchangeable regardless of hand preference and the reel itself features a machined spool and eight stainless steel ball bearings.

The absolute best feature of this combo, however, may be the price point. You may not find a better rod and reel that can handle so much, offered at so little.

Fire Casting Combo

Baitcasters, delight! This moderate to fast action casting rod features 4-ton Toray carbon and is a suitable addition for any bass angler’s rod quiver. The foam comfort hand grips and reel seat are easy on your hands, which is good because you will be using them to unhook fish after fish all day long. 

The reel will hold 12-20 pound test line and is remarkably lightweight. The reel handle swaps for either left handed, or right handed anglers and has a magnet braking system with exterior adjustments for drag settings. 

The rod itself retails for close to $90, making this combo an absolute steal for the baitcasting angler in your life. The rod’s color won’t be the only thing on fire as you skip lures across the water and land them under docks with the utmost finesse.

These are just a few of our favorite bass fishing gifts featured during our Black Friday sale! Make sure and check out all holiday deals this year on rods, reels, baits, lines, apparel and more on the FIshbrain Shop! Be a hero this Christmas and make sure to shop with the #1 fishing app in the world! 



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