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Meet Fishbrain

Dive into a world where millions of passionate anglers and outdoor enthusiasts connect, engage, and share their experiences.

Every interaction on Fishbrain is a testament to its user's dedication and passion.

Here, they're not merely scrolling, but deeply engaging - sharing catches, discussing the best baits and spots, and exchanging tips that only true enthusiasts would appreciate.

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Why advertise at Fishbrain

Experience the ultimate outdoor advertising advantage through the Fishbrain app, where we offer you exclusive access to a highly receptive audience immersed in the world of fishing and the great outdoors.

The benefits of advertising at Fishbrain

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Target your audience

100% are anglers. Fishbrain helps you reach relevant consumers for your business.

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Increase brand awareness

Advertising on Fishbrain helps you expand the reach and recognition of your brand.

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Optimal ad placement

Advertise to a highly targeted audience and be in the spotlight with placements designed for maximum visibility and engagement.

Ad formats designed to engage

Interstitial ads

Video: Deliver powerful visual stories in fullscreen format, ensuring a captivating user experience.

Still Image: Grab attention with high-definition, full-screen visuals that resonate with our user's passion for the outdoors.

Feed ads

Integrate seamlessly into user feeds, blending your message with our rich content for a natural and engaging user experience.

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Easy to launch

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Decide on a start date and budget

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Send creative assets and destination links

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The campagin starts

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When the campaign has ended, we share the results

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