Bucket list fishing gear we've always wanted

We are looking at a few of those rods and reels that we have always wanted, but just couldn't pull the trigger on. We don't just dream of far off destinations and exotic species, sometimes our dreams are about that beautiful new rod, or reel that may not need, but know we deserve.

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Bucket list fishing gear we've always wanted

A foot of snow sits in the front yard and I look out my window both knowing the snow will help feed my fishing rivers and also dreaming of being somewhere far from it.

Winter has a bad habit of making us long for warm beaches and beautiful tropical species, but it also has a habit of making us look at new gear. We've already covered bucket list species for 2022, but just as fun as dreaming about catching a new species is looking at the gear that makes our mouths water.

Below are some of our bucket list pieces of gear found on the Fishbrain Shop. These are the rods, reels and tech that we have always dreamed of holding in our hand, or finally adding to our tackle box. Whether it be the price point, a lack of need, or other reasons, this is the gear we could never justify pulling the trigger on, but have dreamed of owning since the first time we saw it in a shop, or online.


Your regular bass rod is just fine and you probably don't need a high end rod the same way you don’t need a new corvette. 

Arundel tackle rods are considered a notch above the rest for a good reason. These rods are do it all machines that will thrive in most open water fishing situations. Anglers dream all their lives for a rod this stable and willing to handle the added pressure from weed beds, grasses, wind and other elements that can be hard on a rod’s longevity.

The rod eyes are built smaller than most similarly manufactured rods to keep your line closer to the blank and the highest quality of cork in the handle helps you feel even the lightest takes of your bait.

Arundel’s development team have also reinforced the rod with aramid, which is used in bullet proof vests. The aramid strengthens the flex of the rod while reducing weight, giving you your strongest all purpose rod, capable of throwing every lure in your tackle box.


In snow covered garages across the country, there are racks and racks of five, six and seven weight fly rods collecting dust, waiting for spring trout. As the snow falls, fly anglers cannot help but dream of the chance to stand on the bow of a flats boat and cast a heavy weighted rod at warm water fish.

Sure, most trout fly anglers have little regular need for an eight weight, but just imagine having a rod capable of everything from red fish to pike, to steelhead.

Toadfish Outfitters know saltwater and it shows with this addition to their rod and reel line. 

The five-piece rod is made from 30/40 ton high carbon graphite resulting in a lightweight, crisp, fast action rod, perfect for casting heavier lines and flies through windy weather. 

The Win grip handle uses Winn's superior polymer grip technology to give you complete control of the rod in the worst imaginable weather, without sacrificing comfort. It doesn't matter if you’re wading the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest for steelhead, or powering through a spring squall in the Keys, Toadfish built a rod that can handle it all. Even if you’re watching winter linger on from the comfort of home, the Toadfish 8 weight will have your mind wandering to exotic locales and the most beautiful fish you’ve ever seen.


I’ve cast reels, you’ve cast reels, but most of us have never cast one so smooth and well designed it was like jet engine disguised as a reel.

This flagship reel in the Daiwa line is one of the finest bait casters money can buy and at least once in their lives, every angler should have something this nice. Twelve ball bearings and a roller bearing guarantee this is one of the smoothest reels you’ve ever run line through and the light 5.3 oz.design will blow your mind when it sits in the palm of your hand.

The reel is also housed in saltwater-grade magnesium housing giving you the flexibility to catch your personal best in the freshwater and the salt. So take out that second mortgage, sell your spouse’s possessions (not your own fishing gear of course) and treat yourself. It’s a new year and we think you’ve earned it.


A lot of anglers resist the urge to try new technology and we can’t blame them. But every once in a while you need to resist the fight and give in to temptation. 

Knowing the bottom structure of where you are fishing is paramount to success and now, no matter what season, or which body of water, you have that power in the palm of your hand. 

Toss this personal sonar into the water in front of you and watch in amazement as you create the most up to date bathymetric map specific to where you are.

You can find drop offs, flats and other quality habitats that you know fish will utilize for resting and feeding.

We know technology is constantly updating and can sometimes cloud the waters of time tested traditions, but just like the Fishbrain App, There is a space for technology in the outdoors and every once in a while, you should go with the flow and really improve your days.

Dreaming of new gear can be just as fun as dreaming of new species and new destinations. Every once in a while it's nice to give in to our dreams and make them become a reality. We’ve only got one life to fish, so let’s have fun with it.

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Now let’s go fishing.



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