Using Fishbrain maps on desktop

Learn how to use Fishbrain's robust mapping system to plan your fishing trips, all from the comfort of your home and on the big screen of your desktop.

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Using Fishbrain maps on desktop

Finding a place to go fishing is often cited as one of the largest barriers preventing new anglers from enjoying the sport. The Fishbrain App’s intricate map helps tear down these barriers by clearly displaying bodies of water, labeling fishing areas and displaying shared catches.

The power of this map, in the palm of your hand, is an important tool for finding open waters for fishing. Sometimes, however, scouting for your next day on the water requires a large scale view.

Problem Solved.

Fishbrain is proud to offer your Fishbrain map is now fully available on your desktop computer as well. Never before have you had the functionality of a map like this, making this the perfect at home scouting tool. Now you can study catch positions, check for hot spots, and search nearby waters on the big screen and from the comfort of your home. 

Know Before You Go

Desktop maps are the perfect tool for planning. Whether you are heading across the country, or looking for a new secret spot, or just trying to find a more promising section of the same old fishing hole, make sure to search before you go.

By checking your desktop maps before heading to the water, you can find those hot spots, and promising areas, giving yourself the precious gift of time. When it’s finally time to make your first cast, you will be spending more time fishing and much less time aimlessly searching for a better spot.

Features Available for Online Maps

Exact Catch Locations

Waypoints will mark exact catch locations on different bodies of water. Click on each waypoint to see what was caught, who caught it and details like bait used, ambient temperature and more.

Spot Prediction

Fishbrain highlights pieces of water that are predicted to attract schools of fish based on depth, position to the shore and other factors. Zoom in on these areas to study them more in depth and plan how you would fish the area.

Bodies of Water

Blue and grey waypoints mark labeled bodies of water. Click on these to find the names of bodies of water. Blue waypoints mark bodies of water with catches logged, while grey waypoints show you a body of water you can be the first to post to. Bodies of water with catches associated to them will have catches posted below the information and you can scroll through them for more info. 

How To Start

  1. On the Fishbrain home page, click on the “Map’ icon at the top center of the screen.

  2. From here you can zoom in on bodies of water near you and click on them to find more information regarding them.

  3. On the right of the screen you can click to turn on Spot Prediction.

  4. Fishbrain Pro members can log in at the top right of their screen to then access catch positions.

  5. Below Spot Prediction you can click to turn on “Exact Catch Positions”. This will bring up user catches from all bodies of water you look at. You can click on each catch for a photo of the catch and in depth catch data.

Don't waste any more time on your precious fishing days. Start utilizing tdesktop maps to maximize your success and make your next fishing trip your best.



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