New Feature Announcement: Fishing Trips is here

Log your everything about a fishing trip in its entirety with the newest feature from Fishbrain. Log your fishing trips today!

New Feature Announcement: Fishing Trips is here

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a fishing trip. The feeling we get when heading to the water with some of our best friends is second only to the catch. 

We all love to take a quick break to cast at a nearby lake, pond, or river, but there is nothing like planning and participating in a fishing trip. We know the excitement that surrounds a fishing trip and that’s why we couldn't be more excited to announce the newest feature in the Fishbrain lineup.

The all new Trips feature, allows Fishbrain anglers to load all catches made on a fishing trip into one post, while tagging all your fishing friends. For multi day trips, you can add how long your trip was and even post about the quality of fishing each day of the trip. Other features allow you to share different areas on the map you explored during your trip (only if you want to though). 

Your trip posts will be stored on your profile and logbook, allowing you to come back to them any time to study your catches, catch times, weather conditions, map positions and everything else you need to know for your next trip.

Before the Trips function, Fishbrain members would have to upload each individual photo of their catches on a great fishing trip. Now we’ve taken the extra work out posting the success of your fishing excursion, giving you the seamless ability to add every detail of your fishing trips into one place.


  • Add all the catches you made from a trip to one post

  • Tag your fishing buddies who joined you on a trip

  • Share how long your trip was and your progress on different days

  • See on the map all the fishing spots you hit during the trip.

  • Find your trips in your profile and logbook, so you can always remember the details you need! 

How to log your trips on Fishbrain

  • Go to ‘logbook’ tab.

  • Select ‘trips’, and choose ‘log trip’

  • Set duration, write description, and add catches and trip photos

  • Make sure species are tagged correctly and catch location privacy is set as you'd want it to be. 

  • Publish your trip

Never skimp the details on a fishing trip again. Whether its for your own personal journal, or for sharing with all your friends, log every moment from your fishing trips now on IOS. (Trips for Android users coming soon!)

Now let's go fishing. We'll log the trip.

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