Fishbrain's March Madness bait bracket (round two)

March is here and madness is in the air. Madness for the NCAA basketball tournament and madness for spring fishing. To join in the madness, Fishbrain has compiled a tournament bracket of our own. Here is round two of the Fishbrain all bait bracket.

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Fishbrain's March Madness bait bracket (round two)

We are into round two of the Fishbrain March Madness all bait bracket. We’ve seen heartbreak and triumph as some of our favorite baits and lures move on to the next round while others are suffering from an early exit in round one.

Make sure and check out Fishbrain’s Instagram stories all week, to cast your vote for the best baits you’ve ever fished with. Soon, one of them will be crowned best of all time.

Remaining matchups:

Soft plastics

  • Worms vs Beavers

  • Toads vs Soft jerkabaits

Hard plastics

  • Crankbaits vs Chatter baits

  • Poppers vs Jigs

Live bait

  • Nightcrawler vs Greenback

  • Shrimp vs Minnows


  • Clouser minnow vs Prince nymph

  • Pheasant tail nymh vs Elk hair caddis

Moving on




Soft jerkbait





Clouser minnow

Prince nymph

Pheasant tail nymph

Elk hair caddis


Chatter bait



Some time tested powerhouses, like nightcrawlers and rubber worms are moving on toward glory. Other perennial powerhouses, like poppers and prince nymphs still have a long road ahead with stiff competition waiting for them.

Noteable matches to look out for:

Poppers vs Jigs: A topwater fan favorite vs. one of the most widespread lures ever.

Soft toads vs soft jerkbaits: Another topwater vs sub surface faceoff from the explosively effective toad and the deadly moving jerkbait.

Heading home





Pat’s rubber legs

Wooly bugger

Parachute adams

Chubby chernobyl









We saw some classic bass lures, like spinnerbaits and jerkbaits, get defeated in round one. Even though these staples won’t be crowned champion, we have a feeling that they will still be mainstays in most tackle boxes. Other Western staples, like roe and the parachute adams have packed their bags to the shock of steelhead, salmon and trout anglers everywhere.

There’s no looking back for champions, however. Make sure and vote on your favorite baits in our head to head matchups on Fishbrain’s Instagram. We are narrowing down the list every day to crown the true champion of all baits! 

Now let’s go fishing. We’ll bring the best baits of all time.

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