Fishbrain's March Madness bait bracket (final round)

March is here and madness is in the air. Madness for the NCAA basketball tournament and madness for spring fishing. To join in the madness, Fishbrain has compiled a tournament bracket of our own. Here is the final round of the Fishbrain all bait bracket.

Fishbrain's March Madness bait bracket (final round)

It’s here. The round you’ve been waiting for. A vicious battle has raged to find out which bait is the best of all time and we finally have a winner that stands out among the rest.

Here is how the remaining matchups played out, via our audience voting.

Remaining Matchups:

Prince nymph vs Soft jerkbait

The number one  seated fly fishing fly is against one of the most popular soft plastics of all time. This is trout vs bass fishing at its best. 

Minnow vs Crankbait

In what some consider an upset, live minnows pull a win out of the classic nightcrawler. Their crankbait opponent has plowed through the competition and is one of the most tried and true bass baits that works for every condition.


Soft Jerkbait vs Crankbait

It should come as no surprise that it all comes down to bass. America's number one sport fish is well represented in the finals. Both baits work fantastic for bass and work especially well at depths for large bass. It's no wonder that the final two baits in our bracket work especially well for large bass.

After weeks of voting, heartbreak and upsets, our audience has voted and we have a bait champion!

You voted and the crank bait is king. This champion of all baits is a mainstay in most bass angler's tackle boxes and is bound to be in more now that it is officially the Fishbrain 2022 all bait champion.

Thank you to all who participated in the tournament and added their insight into the most popular baits. Make sure and check out the Fishbrain Shop for a wide selection of crankbaits and other baits featured in our tournament brackets.

Now let’s go fishing. We’ll bring the crankbaits.

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