Log your catches in the app

Keep track of every fish you catch and use insights to help you fish smarter with our logbook feature in the Fishbrain app.

Your personal fishing logbook

Your personal fishing logbook

Every time your record a catch, the Fishbrain app will help you keep track of details you want to remember like weather and water conditions, catch times, locations, and baits that you use. All details are kept as private as you choose.

Set your privacy level

With Fishbrain, you can select the privacy level you choose for every catch you log. We make sure you never have to give away locations unless you decide to do so.

Public catch location

Exact location and water name is visible to everyone

Only share water name

Exact location is only visible to you, water name is public

Private - only share catch details

Visible to only you

Keep track of all your catches in one place

Keep track of your catches in one place

Track your species count, weight, and length of your catches and log the baits you use by saving your catch details in your logbook.

Learn from personal insights

Learn from personal insights

With Fishbrain Pro, you can access your personal statistics to see what conditions lead to your best performance. Fish like a Pro with access to your most active month, moon phases, and weather conditions.

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