Plan and prepare with waypoints

Have you ever been out fishing and found a great honey-hole, but didn’t quite remember where that spot was next time you were out? Drop a waypoint in the Fishbrain app by long-pressing anywhere on the map. Add a note, change the icon, and customize the title. You’ll never have to remember that honey-hole ever again.

Never forget that honey-hole

Waypoints allows you to mark exactly where you found a great catch in the past. Whether that was a school of fish, great fishing spot, or where you caught your latest personal best, drop a waypoint and remember it for later.

logged catches
“I used to have my fishing spots only on my boat's GPS. Today quickly when I want to mark a waypoint I open Fishbrain and put all my secrets in a safe place. It was also much easier to share fishing spots with friends in casual conversations, as all my fishing spots, places where I saw fish, places I want to come back and explore are now in the palm of my hands.”
Luana Pigatto

Luana Pigatto

Avoid, or remember, specific structures

If you lost a lure somewhere, and want to avoid that spot in the future, simply keep a record of it with waypoints. You can also note down specific structures where fish might like to hide, such as rocks, lily pads or weeds.

Avoid, or remember, specific structures
“I use my Waypoint’s especially when I am fishing mangroves because it gets so confusing not remembering a particular area, I can hit a waypoint right where I am and it’ll keep it there and I can go back to it.”
Chasten Witfield

Chasten Witfield

Add points of interest that make your fishing experience better

Do you look for specific amenities when out on the water? Perhaps you like having a picnic area nearby or want to knowif there is a slipway for your boat. You can track specific area amenities including parking, shelter, bonfires, gas, and electricity.

points of interest
“Waypoints is a great tool when you want to add that extra information to a specific place. For example where you lose that big fish, or want additional information about that specific spot. Such a vast variety on how you can use this new feature to help you in your fishing!”
Johan Mikkelsen

Johan Mikkelsen

Mark any other noteworthy locations

Find a sunken log and want to note down this type of high-risk, high-reward situation? Add a specific note so you can remember exactly where that log was in the future. In addition add a photo of the area and your own notes.

noteworthy locations
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