Fishing logbook

A fishing logbook helps keep track of what kind of fish you caught, when you caught it, and where you caught it. You can also log the gear you used to catch it. All of this data helps you spot patterns in your fishing so you can become a better angler.

What data do you log?

Logging your catches is key to improving your skills. With the Fishbrain App, you can track a ton of information. Check out the data you can remember with every catch below:

  • Species
  • Date & time
  • Size
  • Location & water
  • Gear used
  • Weather & solunar data
logged catches
“I've always logged my catches since I was a kid. When I realise Fishbrain does most of this automatically I started to log all my catches through the App instead. And I simply love it! The only thing you need to do now is to upload a photo of your catch, Fishbrain automatically collects all the data, exact location, weather data and so on. It can't be more simple than this!”
Johan Mikkelsen

Johan Mikkelsen

How do you track your fishing history?

Once you upload your catch to Fishbrain, you will be prompted to add a photo of your catch to commemorate it, as well as share it with the community (if you choose to).

track fishing history
“I know charter captains that have actual logbooks and hand write everything. Fishbrain app does this for you. Every time you log catch, it takes in all the data and saves it for you so you can go back and see when you caught it, where you caught it, what you caught it with, and what the tide and weather was like.”
Chasten Witfield

Chasten Witfield

How can a logbook improve your fishing?

It's common for an angler to think they will remember the details of each fish they caught, but in practice, it's difficult to store all of this information for long periods of time. Keeping a fishing logbook helps you test which bait is more effective when catching particular species, spot patterns, fishing tactics, and more.

details of each fish caught

Share your catches

Not only does logging the data of your catches put you at an advantage, but you can also share this data with your friends and family. Help friends and family understand the fishing environment and patterns near them. Or, just share your catches with one another!

share your catches
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