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Curious about the best time to go fishing? Fishbrain has got you covered. Simply open up the app to easily identify weather trends and find the perfect window to catch your next personal best. Planning a trip is easier than ever with our extended fishing forecast. With Fishbrain Pro, you can see weather forecasts and patterns days in advance - allowing you to pick the best day, time, and spot to fish.

See forecast conditions by the hour

Easily view fishing weather conditions according to time of day and hourly intervals. Want to grab your rod and reel and pop over to the lake over lunch? See the best hours to take your lunch break to increase your odds of catching fish.

Fishing forcast by the hour

Solunar forecast and tables

Fishbrain Pro will also give you access to solunar tables, perfect for identifying the right time to fish or when to strike for a specific species. See data about the sun and moon phases and what effect they have on the tides with our tide table data.

Solunar forecast

Find the best time to catch a specific species

Want to know the best time to catch bass near you? With Fishbrain’s “Bite Time”, you can determine the exact time of day and spot to find your personal best - be it bass, trout, or any other species you are interested in. Simply scroll through the fishing forecast data in the Fishbrain app and see which species are most active during the time of day chosen.

Find the best time to catch a specific species

Local fishing forecast data

You can see fishing forecast data at a hyper-local level. Simply find the fishing spot you want to visit, and click “Weather” to see what the forecast is for that specific body of water.

Local fishing forecast data
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