Precise planning with depth maps

Depth maps allow you to create a strategy on where to fish based on observable structures and the depth of the water. The depth of a water area is displayed through contoured lines and color, indicating how shallow or how deep a water area is. Contour lines also serve to help highlight underwater structures where fish may be hiding.

Find Fishing spots with depth maps

Depth maps are perfect for finding your prime fishing spot. When creating your fishing strategy, first analyze the map for any structures that look promising, as well as take note of depth changes and anything else of interest. Along with the depth map, take a moment to look at the area itself. For example, streams that lead into a big lake might be an area where fish are concentrated, and can be an excellent opportunity to find a school of fish.

Find Fishing spots with depth maps
“Love the Depth Maps on Fishbrain, this is one of the features that I use the most to plan my fishing trips and to find new fishing grounds!”
Johan Mikkelsen

Johan Mikkelsen

Depth maps

Depth maps allow you to create a strategy on where to find fish based on observable structures and the depth of waters. Since certain species are more likely to be found at certain depths, using depth maps allow you to create a strategy on where to find fish.

Why contour lines help you fish better

One of the most important features of a good fishing map is the ability to see the contour lines within the water. Using the map, you will be able to identify structures based on these lines. For example, reefs may be a lighter color when compared to the darker structures and the water surrounding it. Many fish like to hide among the reefs, so this lets the angler know where the best spots to fish might be.

Contour lines also help anglers spot rapid changes in depth, where fish may be concentrated. The closer together the lines are, the greater the drop-off is. If lines are spaced further apart, that indicates a more gradual depth change. Certain species like to hang out in various depths, so if you’re looking to catch a bass or walleye, you will know exactly where to look.

“A super important resource, not only for navigation but also to understand the contours, leds, drops. Another very important tool in the search for my fishing spots. I use this feature a lot when I'm kayaking, walking. It works like a pocket GPS.”
Luana Pigatto

Luana Pigatto

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