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Short Sleeve Solid Lifestyle Button Down w/ REPEL-X

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About this product

All of our shirts are made with stain release, anti-microbial, and a small amount of  Spandex to make sure none of your movement is restricted.  Our cooling technology works to keep you comfortable under the sun with UV protection.

  • Repel X - Industry Leading Stain Block
  • 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
  • UV Protected
  • Superior breathability
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-microbial

Specifications and variants

BRXSSBD104XXLBlack2XLIn stock$59.95Current variant
BRXSSBD105XXXLBlack3XLIn stock$59.95
BRXSSBD106XXXXLBlack4XLIn stock$59.95
BRXSSBD102LBlackLIn stock$59.95
BRXSSBD101MBlackMIn stock$59.95
BRXSSBD100SBlackSIn stock$59.95
BRXSSBD103XLBlackXLIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD104XXL-c3Gray Heather2XLIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD105XXXL-c3Gray Heather3XLIn stock$59.95
SP-403Gray Heather4XLIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD102L-c3Gray HeatherLIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD101M-c3Gray HeatherMIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD100S-c3Gray HeatherSIn stock$59.95
HGSSBD103XL-c3Gray HeatherXLIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD105XXL-C7Hunter Orange2XLIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD106XXXL-C7Hunter Orange3XLIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD107XXXXL-C7Hunter Orange4XLIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD103L-C7Hunter OrangeLIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD102M-C7Hunter OrangeMIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD101S-C7Hunter OrangeSIn stock$59.95
HOSSBD104XL-C7Hunter OrangeXLIn stock$59.95
HKSSBD104XXL-c3-RXKhaki2XLIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD105XXXL-c3-RXKhaki3XLIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD106XXXXL-RXKhaki4XLIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD101M-c3-RXKhakiMIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD100S-c3-RXKhakiSIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD103XL-c3-RXKhakiXLIn stock$59.95
LBSSBD104XXL-c3RXLight Blue2XLIn stock$59.95
LBSSBD105XXXL-c3RXLight Blue3XLIn stock$59.95
LBSSBD106XXXXLRXLight Blue4XLIn stock$59.95
LBSSBD100S-c3RXLight BlueSIn stock$59.95
MSSBD104XXL-c3RXMaroon2XLIn stock$59.95
MSSBD105XXXL-c3RXMaroon3XLIn stock$59.95
MSSBD106XXXXL-c3RXMaroon4XLIn stock$59.95
MSSBD102L-c3RXMaroonLIn stock$59.95
MSSBD101M-c3RXMaroonMIn stock$59.95
MSSBD100S-c3RXMaroonSIn stock$59.95
MSSBD103XL-c3RXMaroonXLIn stock$59.95
RSSBD105XXL-C7Red2XLIn stock$59.95
RSSBD106XXXL-C7Red3XLIn stock$59.95
RSSBD107XXXXL-C7Red4XLIn stock$59.95
RSSBD103L-C7RedLIn stock$59.95
RSSBD102M-C7RedMIn stock$59.95
RSSBD101S-C7RedSIn stock$59.95
RSSBD104XL-C7RedXLIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD104XXLSage2XLIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD105XXXLSage3XLIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD106XXXXLSage4XLIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD102LSageLIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD101MSageMIn stock$59.95
SGSSBD100SSageSIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD104XXLWhite2XLIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD105XXXLWhite3XLIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD106XXXXLWhite4XLIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD102LWhiteLIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD101MWhiteMIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD100SWhiteSIn stock$59.95
WTSSBD103XLWhiteXLIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD104XXL-c3RXCoral Reef2XLIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD105XXXL-c3RXCoral Reef3XLIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD106XXXXLRXCoral Reef4XLIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD102L-c3RXCoral ReefLIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD101M-c3RXCoral ReefMIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD100S-c3RXCoral ReefSIn stock$59.95
CRSSBD103XL-c3RXCoral ReefXLIn stock$59.95
IGSSBD104XXL-c3Ice Green2XLIn stock$59.95
IGSSBD105XXXL-c3Ice Green3XLIn stock$59.95
IGSSBD106XXXXL-c3Ice Green4XLIn stock$59.95
IGSSBD101M-c3Ice GreenMIn stock$59.95
IGSSBD100S-c3Ice GreenSIn stock$59.95
BISSBD104XXLBison2XLIn stock$59.95
BISSBD105XXXLBison3XLIn stock$59.95
SP-397Bison4XLIn stock$59.95
BISSBD102LBisonLIn stock$59.95
BISSBD101MBisonMIn stock$59.95
BISSBD100SBisonSIn stock$59.95
BISSBD103XLBisonXLIn stock$59.95
KHSSBD102L-c3-RXKhakiLOut of stock$59.95
LBSSBD102L-c3RXLight BlueLOut of stock$59.95
LBSSBD101M-c3RXLight BlueMOut of stock$59.95
LBSSBD103XL-c3RXLight BlueXLOut of stock$59.95
SGSSBD103XLSageXLOut of stock$59.95
IGSSBD102L-c3Ice GreenLOut of stock$59.95
IGSSBD103XL-c3Ice GreenXLOut of stock$59.95

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