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War Eagle Screamin 2-Will

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StyleWeightQuantity in Pack
Gold Gold Shiner1/2oz1
In Stock
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About this product

The gold frame and double willow blades create a bold flash best suited for stained water applications.

Specifications and variants

 StyleWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
WE12SEGW05Gold Gold Shiner1/2oz1In stock$6.94Current variant
WE12SEGW13Gold Bleeding Shad1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW28Gold Chart Blue1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW32Gold Crawdad3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW50Gold Hot Blue Herring1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SEGW50Gold Hot Blue Herring3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW12Gold Hot Mouse1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SEGW16Gold Hot White Chart1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW16Gold Hot White Chart3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW09Gold Spot Remover1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW09Gold Spot Remover3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW34Gold Sun Perch1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW34Gold Sun Perch3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW10Gold Sundance3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW39Gold Watermelon1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SEGW139Gold Watermelon3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW02Gold White Chart1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEGW01GGold White Gold1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SEGW01GGold White Gold3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEGW40Gold White Lime Chart3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SENW18Nickel Aurora1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW18Nickel Aurora3/4oz1Out of stock$6.45
WE34SENW308Nickel Blue Herring3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SENW14Nickel Blue Pearl Shad1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW14Nickel Blue Pearl Shad3/4oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW35Nickel Blue Shad1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW08Nickel BlueHerringShad1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW57Nickel BlugillTheGrub1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW48Nickel Cotton Candy1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW07Nickel Firecracker1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW49Nickel Green Shad1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW25Nickel Hot White Shad1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW25Nickel Hot White Shad3/4oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW04Nickel Mouse3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SENW04Nickel Nickel Mouse1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW67Nickel Silver Shiner1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW15Nickel Smoke Purple1/2ozPint 4x7In stock$6.94
WE12SENW09Nickel Spot Remover1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW09Nickel Spot Remover3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SENW01SNickel White Silver1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SENW01SNickel White Silver3/4oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SENW45Nickel WhiteChartPearl1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE12SEPW43Painted Chartreuse1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SEPW343Painted Chartreuse3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEPW03Painted Cole Slaw1/2oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE34SEPW303Painted Cole Slaw3/4oz1Out of stock$6.94
WE12SEPW02Painted White Chart1/2oz1In stock$6.94
WE34SEPW02Painted White Chart3/4oz1In stock$6.94

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