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Berkley Choppo

4.5(2 reviews)
2075 anglers use it
  • Color:

    Black Chrome

  • Length:

    4.125in | 10.5cm

  • Buoyancy:


  • Weight:

    0.75oz | 21g

Selected variant is out of stock

About this product

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this easy to use top water lure is designed to deliver explosive top water action. Chunk and Wind the Berkley Choppo around cover and in open water for a serious waking action. 
The Choppo’s durable tail propeller won’t melt in your tackle box and the enhanced surface area provides more sound and spray. The precision balance of the bait ensures that it’s action begins immediately and it swims straight at a variety of speeds.

Specifications and variants

PFBHBCP105BKCHBlack Chrome4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29Current variant
PFBHBCP90BKCHBlack Chrome3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90BNEBone3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75BNEBone3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105BNEBone4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90GHBGGhost Bluegill3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105GHBGGhost Bluegill4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120GHBGGhost Bluegill4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90HDBBHHD Blueback Herring4in | 10cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90HDBLGHD Bluegill4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105MFBGMF Bluegill4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120MFBGMF Bluegill4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75MAVMaverick3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120PGHPerfect Ghost4.72in | 12cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75BKCHBlack Chrome3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.68
PFBHBCP120BKCHBlack Chrome4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120BNEBone4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90GHWGhost White3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75GHWGhost White3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.68
PFBHBCP105GHWGhost White4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120GHWGhost White4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90HDGSHGold / Gold3.54in | 8.99cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90HDBBBHD Baby Bass4.52in | 11.5cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75HDBLGHD Bluegill3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.35
PFBHBCP90HDRBTHD Rainbow Trout3 in / 1.75in / 3.25in | 7.62cm / 4.4cm / 8.3cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90HDTFSHD Threadfin Shad4.75in | 12.1cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90MFBGMF Bluegill3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90MFFMF Frog3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105MFFMF Frog4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75MFFMF Frog4.72in | 12cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.68
PFBHBCP120MFFMF Frog4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90MFSMF Shad3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75MFSMF Shad3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.68
PFBHBCP105MFSMF Shad4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120MFSMF Shad4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120MAVMaverick3.54in | 8.99cmFloating1.01oz | 28.7gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90MAVMaverick3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105MAVMaverick4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90PGHPerfect Ghost3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75PGHPerfect Ghost3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP105PGHPerfect Ghost4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP90SXBSexy Back3.5in | 8.9cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP75SXBSexy Back3in | 7.62cmFloating0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$8.68
PFBHBCP105SXBSexy Back4.125in | 10.5cmFloating0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$8.29
PFBHBCP120SXBSexy Back4.72in | 12cmFloating1oz | 28gOut of stock$8.29

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

Striped bass

Striped bass

Chain pickerel

Chain pickerel

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