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P-Line Laser Minnow

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  • Color:

    Blue Mack

  • Weight:

    2oz | 57g

  • Quantity in Pack:


Selected variant is out of stock

About this product

The P-Line Laser Minnow is manufactured with a unique holographic laser tape, creating an amazingly life-like finish. The oblong shape and sharp cuts on the side allow for an erratic action when jigged. This action will trigger strikes from a number of species. The smaller sized Laser Minnows are effective in fresh water for Bass, Trout, and Kokanee; the medium sizes are effective on Lake Trout, Striped Bass and Salmon. While larger sizes were designed for Albacore, Dorado, and any type of bottom fish such as Halibut, Ling Cod or Rockfish.

Specifications and variants

 ColorWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
PCPLM211Blue Mack2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06Current variant
PCPLM1/209Black / Pink / Silver0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/409Black / Pink / Silver0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM109Black / Pink / Silver1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM111Blue Mack1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM311Blue Mack3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM411Blue Mack4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM611Blue Mack6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM124Blue Silver Red Head1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM424Blue Silver Red Head4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM624Blue Silver Red Head6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/204Chartreuse / Silver / Blue0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/404Chartreuse / Silver / Blue0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM104Chartreuse / Silver / Blue1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM204Chartreuse / Silver / Blue2oz | 57g1In stock$4.06
PCPLM304Chartreuse / Silver / Blue3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM404Chartreuse / Silver / Blue4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM604Chartreuse / Silver / Blue6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/207Clown0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/407Clown0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM107Clown1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM315Dorado3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM415Dorado4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM615Dorado6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM222Glow Green Tiger2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM422Glow Green Tiger4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM303Glow Pink Tiger3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM420Glow Pink Tiger4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM620Glow Pink Tiger6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM112Green Mack1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM212Green Mack2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM312Green Mack3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM412Green Mack4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM123Green Silver Gold1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM223Green Silver Gold2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM323Green Silver Gold3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM423Green Silver Gold4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM118Pearl1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM318Pearl3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM618Pearl6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/208Pink Silver0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/408Pink Silver0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM108Pink Silver1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM313Purple Black3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM413Purple Black4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM106Rainbow Trout1oz | 28g1In stock$3.33
PCPLM206Rainbow Trout2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM306Rainbow Trout3oz | 85g1In stock$4.64
PCPLM114Sardine1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM214Sardine2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM314Sardine3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM414Sardine4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM614Sardine6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/201Silver Black0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/401Silver Black0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM101Silver Black1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM201Silver Black2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM301Silver Black3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64
PCPLM401Silver Black4oz | 113.4g1In stock$5.56
PCPLM601Silver Black6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/202Silver Blue0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/402Silver Blue0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM102Silver Blue1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM202Silver Blue2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM302Silver Blue3oz | 85g1In stock$4.64
PCPLM402Silver Blue4oz | 113.4g1Out of stock$5.56
PCPLM602Silver Blue6oz | 170.1g1Out of stock$7.30
PCPLM1/203Silver Glow0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM3/403Silver Glow0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$3.21
PCPLM103Silver Glow1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM203Silver Glow2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM116Super Chartreuse1oz | 28g1Out of stock$3.33
PCPLM216Super Chartreuse / Silver2oz | 57g1Out of stock$4.06
PCPLM316Super Chartreuse / Silver3oz | 85g1Out of stock$4.64

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