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About this product

The Rumble Bug comes in 1 size and 15 fish catching colors. Balsa body formed with Heat Compression Molding (HCM) & Welded Through-Wire Construction from tie eye to the tail. Gamefish can’t pass up this irresistible snack size profile 1 3/4", 3/16oz, #8 hook (Depth- 4-7ft)

Specifications and variants

RBUG4-BCSDBlue Chartreuse ShadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-BCSDBlue Chartreuse ShadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-BOSDBlue Olive ShadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-BOSDBlue Olive ShadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-BTBlue TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-BTBlue Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-BBTBubblegum TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-BBTBubblegum Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-BRCWBurnt CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-BRCWBurnt CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-SCChartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-CSRBChartreuse Root BeerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-CSRBChartreuse Root BeerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-CKCWCooked CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-CKCWCooked CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-CRCWCrusty CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-CRCWCrusty CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-GPGold PerchN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-GPGold Perch1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-GCWGreen CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-GCWGreen CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-HCCWHot Claw CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-HCCWHot Claw CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-HPHot PerchN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-HTHot TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-HTHot TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-LTLemon TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-LTLemon Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-OTOlive TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-OTOlive Tiger1.188in | 3cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-OBGLOrange Belly GillN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-OBGLOrange Belly GillN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PERPerchN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-HPPerch1.375in | 3.5cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PERPerch1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PIPPink PearlN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PIPPink Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PBGLPurple GillN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PBGLPurple GillN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PUPPurple PearlN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PUPPurple Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PTPurple TigerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PTPurple Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-PWPurple WonderN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-PWPurple Wonder1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-RCWRed CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-RCWRed CrawdadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-RBRoot BeerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-RBRoot BeerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-SLVSSilver ShinerN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-SLVSSilver Shiner1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-SNZSneezeN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-SNZSneeze1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-SCSteel ChartreuseN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG5-WWWonderbreadN/AN/AIn stock$9.99
RBUG4-WWWonderbread1.75in | 4.4cm0.1875oz | 5.3gOut of stock$9.99

Suitable for catching

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass



Northern pike

Northern pike



Channel catfish

Channel catfish

Freshwater drum

Freshwater drum



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