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DSG Fishing - Solid Shirt - UPF 50+ - Salmon, Aqua, Sea Blue, Rose or Slate

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy DSG Outerwear DSG Fishing - Solid Shirt - UPF 50+ - Salmon, Aqua, Sea Blue, Rose or Slate on Fishbrain Shop.

Check out DSG's new stunning fishing-specific line! The fishing line follows DSG Outerwear's core strategy in building women-specific apparel that is functional and fashionable. All DSG Outerwear's ladies' fishing shirts are designed by women with input from women fishermen and backed by a woman-owned company!

This shirt has UPF 50+ sun protection and that is the highest rating on the ultraviolet protection factor scale. UPF measures how much of the sun’s UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric, protecting your skin from overexposure. Don’t let a bad sunburn ruin your outdoor fun!

Features of DSG Outerwear DSG Fishing - Solid Shirt - UPF 50+ - Salmon, Aqua, Sea Blue, Rose or Slate

  • Great feel fabric for comfort and sun protection
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex wicking jersey
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Women's specific fit & design
  • Women’s sizing XS-3X

  • Details:

    Size : XS | S | M | L | XL | 2XL | 3XL
    Color : Salmon | Rose | Blue

    About DSG Outerwear

    DSG Fishing was born first with the launch of ice fishing outerwear, base layers, gloves and casual wear, and second, open water fishing shirts, shorts, and accessories first released in the Spring of 2020. With the launch of these additional lines, we now have offerings for each season!

    Specifications and variants

    99074Aqua2XLOut of stock$24.48Current variant
    99074Aqua2XLOut of stock$34.99
    99075Aqua3XLOut of stock$34.99
    99075Aqua3XLOut of stock$24.48
    99072AquaLOut of stock$34.99
    99072AquaLIn stock$24.48
    99071AquaMOut of stock$34.99
    99071AquaMIn stock$24.48
    99070AquaSOut of stock$34.99
    99070AquaSIn stock$24.48
    99073AquaXLOut of stock$34.99
    99073AquaXLIn stock$24.48
    99069AquaXSOut of stock$34.99
    99069AquaXSIn stock$24.48
    99084Blue2XLOut of stock$34.99
    99085Blue3XLOut of stock$34.99
    99082BlueLOut of stock$34.99
    99081BlueMOut of stock$34.99
    99080BlueSOut of stock$34.99
    99083BlueXLOut of stock$34.99
    99079BlueXSOut of stock$34.99
    99780Rose2XLOut of stock$34.99
    99780Rose2XLIn stock$24.48
    99781Rose3XLOut of stock$34.99
    99781Rose3XLOut of stock$24.48
    99778RoseLOut of stock$34.99
    99778RoseLIn stock$24.48
    99777RoseMOut of stock$34.99
    99777RoseMIn stock$24.48
    99776RoseSOut of stock$34.99
    99776RoseSIn stock$24.48
    99779RoseXLOut of stock$34.99
    99779RoseXLIn stock$24.48
    99775RoseXSOut of stock$34.99
    99775RoseXSIn stock$24.48
    99064Salmon2XLIn stock$24.48
    99065Salmon3XLOut of stock$24.48
    99062SalmonLIn stock$24.48
    99061SalmonMIn stock$24.48
    99060SalmonSIn stock$24.48
    99063SalmonXLIn stock$24.48
    99059SalmonXSIn stock$24.48
    99789Slate2XLOut of stock$34.99
    99789Slate2XLIn stock$24.48
    99790Slate3XLOut of stock$34.99
    99790Slate3XLOut of stock$24.48
    99787SlateLOut of stock$34.99
    99787SlateLIn stock$24.48
    99786SlateMOut of stock$34.99
    99786SlateMIn stock$24.48
    99785SlateSOut of stock$34.99
    99785SlateSIn stock$24.48
    99788SlateXLOut of stock$34.99
    99788SlateXLIn stock$24.48
    99784SlateXSOut of stock$34.99
    99784SlateXSIn stock$24.48
    99084N/A2XLIn stock$24.48
    99085N/A3XLOut of stock$24.48
    99082N/ALIn stock$24.48
    99081N/AMIn stock$24.48
    99080N/ASIn stock$24.48
    99083N/AXLIn stock$24.48
    99079N/AXSIn stock$24.48

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