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Braided Dacron

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  • Line Break Strength:

    30lb | 13.6kg

  • Color:

    Green Spot

  • Length:

    100yd | 91.44m

Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

Learn more about and Buy TUF-LINE Braided Dacron, Fishing Lines on Fishbrain Shop.

The highest quality Dacron fibers and the most advanced braiding machines in the industry are combined to manufacture this premium line. Its low stretch gives a quick response to strikes and increases sensitivity. The spliceable construction and specially formulated wax eliminate knot strength loss, reducing your chances of lost fish. Braided Dacron lines are available in a variety of lengths and pound tests, all with I.G.F.An approval.

Features TUF-LINE Braided Dacron

  • Premium line
  • Low elastic.
  • Quick response to strikes
  • Increase sensitivity.
  • Spliceable construction

Technical Details

Color : Green Spot

Length : 150 yds

Line Break Strength : 40 lb


Founded in 1938, TUF-LINE set out to change the industry standards. After more than 80 years of continuous evolution, we have since become a leader in high-performance premium braided fishing line. Pioneering the first-ever UHMWPE braided fishing line, TUF-LINE (The Ultimate Fishing Line) continues to redefine what makes a strong line. Through years of experience and persistence, we continue to manufacture a variety of products that are sure to fill every need of our fellow anglers. Known as the industry leader in textile braiding, TUF-LINE has grown consistently along with its reputation of unwavering quality.

Specifications and variants

 Line Break StrengthColorLengthAvailabilityPrice 
GS3010030lb | 13.6kgGreen Spot100yd | 91.44mOut of stock$9.99Current variant
D100300BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$39.99
D130100BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$21.99
D1301200BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$168.99
D130600BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$87.99
D1601200WBKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$215.99
D2001200BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$232.99
D20600BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$37.99
D250300BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$71.99
D30150BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$12.99
D501200BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$101.99
D50150BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$14.99
D502500WBKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$200.99
D50300BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$26.99
D80100BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$15.99
D80150BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$17.99
D80300BKN/ABlackN/AOut of stock$31.99
D1301200CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$168.99
D2001200CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$232.99
D302500CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$169.99
D501200CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$101.99
D502500CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$200.99
D801200CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$123.99
D802500CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$254.99
D100300CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$88888.00
D100150CRN/AChartreuseN/AOut of stock$88888.00
GS100100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$15.99
GS1001200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$138.99
GS100150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$17.99
GS1002500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$289.99
GS100300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$35.99
GS100600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$70.99
GS130100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$19.99
GS1301200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$153.99
GS130150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$22.99
GS130300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$44.99
GS130600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$79.99
GS160100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$23.99
GS1601200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$196.99
GS160150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$26.99
GS160300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$54.99
GS160600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$94.99
GS180100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$26.99
GS1801200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$204.99
GS180300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$61.99
GS180600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$103.99
GS200100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$27.99
GS2001200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$211.99
GS200300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$63.99
GS200600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$108.99
GS20100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$8.99
GS201200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$64.99
GS20150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$9.99
GS202500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$130.99
GS20300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$16.99
GS20600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$33.99
GS250100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$27.99
GS250300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$65.99
GS250600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$114.99
GS301200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$77.99
GS30150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$10.99
GS302500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$153.99
GS30300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$20.99
GS30600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$39.99
GS40100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$9.99
GS401200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$82.99
GS40150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$11.99
GS402500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$173.99
GS40300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$22.99
GS40600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$46.99
GS50100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$11.99
GS501200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$92.99
GS50150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$13.99
GS502500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$182.99
GS50300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$24.99
GS50600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$47.99
GS80100N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$14.99
GS801200N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$112.99
GS80150N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$16.99
GS802500N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$230.99
GS80300N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$28.99
GS80600N/AGreen SpotN/AOut of stock$57.99
D1001200ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$151.99
D1002500ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$318.99
D1301200ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$168.99
D1801200ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$224.99
D2001200ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$232.99
D200300ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$69.99
D302500ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$169.99
D502500ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$200.99
D801200ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$123.99
D200100ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$30.99
D802500ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$254.99
D80300ORN/AOrangeN/AOut of stock$31.99
D1301200N/AWhiteN/AOut of stock$153.99
D130600N/AWhiteN/AOut of stock$79.99
D1601200N/AWhiteN/AOut of stock$196.99
D2001200N/AWhiteN/AOut of stock$211.99

Suitable for catching

Barramundi perch

Barramundi perch

Great barracuda

Great barracuda

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass



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This product is not available. Maybe a similar one?

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