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    Gold Shiner

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    0.125oz | 3.54g

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About this product

The Glo-Shot® Fire-Belly Spoon relies on its proven exposed light-stick model that
provides anglers a powerful Red, Green, or Chartreuse glow which lasts over 8
hours. In dark or stained water, the glo-sticks have already proven their worth in a
host of other Glo-Shot® baits. In clearer water, Glo-Shot® models attract fish from
further distances, drawing more interest and activity beneath you whether targeting predators or panfish.

The Glo-Shot® Fire-Belly Spoon utilizes a lead free Z-alloy (Zinc) body to cut through the water column,
reaching fish faster and without oversizing the offering both. That combination of speed, sans the
intimidating sizes so often seen in heavy spoons, makes the Glo-Shot® Fire-Belly Spoon a true winner in
the category – all while being a good lead-alternative.

• Exposed light stick
• Lead free Z-Alloy body
• Perfect for walleyes, pike and panfish
• Glows for eight plus hours
• Falls fast to get to fish quick

Specifications and variants

GSFB3-12Gold Shiner0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79Current variant
GSFB35-12Gold Shiner0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-12Gold Shiner0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-12Gold Shiner0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-223Golden Perch0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-223Golden Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-223Golden Perch0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-223Golden Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-105Parrot0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-105Parrot0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-105Parrot0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-105Parrot0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-11Silver Shiner0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-11Silver Shiner0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-11Silver Shiner0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-11Silver Shiner0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-24Super Glow Chub0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-24Super Glow Chub0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-24Super Glow Chub0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-24Super Glow Chub0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-20Super Glow Perch0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-20Super Glow Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-20Super Glow Perch0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-20Super Glow Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-25Super Glow Rainbow0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-25Super Glow Rainbow0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-25Super Glow Rainbow0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-25Super Glow Rainbow0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-93Super Glow Redfish0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-93Super Glow Redfish0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-93Super Glow Redfish0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-93Super Glow Redfish0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-60UV Electric Perch0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-60UV Electric Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-60UV Electric Perch0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-60UV Electric Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-22UV Fire Tiger0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-22UV Fire Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-22UV Fire Tiger0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-22UV Fire Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-220UV Glo Perch0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-220UV Glo Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-220UV Glo Perch0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-220UV Glo Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-23UV Green Perch0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-23UV Green Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-23UV Green Perch0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-23UV Green Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-26UV Pink Tiger0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-26UV Pink Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-26UV Pink Tiger0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-26UV Pink Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79
GSFB3-46UV Purple Tiger0.125oz | 3.54gIn stock$4.79
GSFB35-46UV Purple Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$4.79
GSFB4-46UV Purple Tiger0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$4.79
GSFB5-46UV Purple Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$4.79

Suitable for catching

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass



Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Chain pickerel

Chain pickerel

Grass carp

Grass carp

Northern pike

Northern pike

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