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Beak / Octopus Bait Hook

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    Black Nickel

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About this product

The Mustad 1X extra heavy wire Beak Hook is perfect for natural bait saltwater presentation. The strong hook features perfect penetration and holding capacity. Use it to target Sea Bass, Snapper, reef fish like Tautog and other species in the wrasse family. It is the idea hook for baiting with Pilchards, Crab, Mackerel, Sardines or Squid. The up-turned eye makes it ideal for the Snell knot for a perfect straight presentation of the bait. The hook features a reversed hook point for improved hookset. Coated with Mustad´s own formula, which are 4 times as corrosion resistant as traditional nickel coated hooks. Chemically sharpened high carbon steel.

  • 4.3 UltraPoint® technology
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • Reversed hook point
  • 1X Strong
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Nor-Tempered

Specifications and variants

 Color/MaterialSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
92553NP-BN-1-25UBlack Nickel#125In stock$9.99Current variant
92553NP-BN-1-25UBlack Nickel#11Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-1-8UBlack Nickel#18In stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-2-8WBlack Nickel#2N/AOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-BN-2-25UBlack Nickel#22Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-2-25UBlack Nickel#225In stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-2-8UBlack Nickel#28In stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-2-8WBlack Nickel#28WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-BN-4-10UBlack Nickel#410In stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-4-25UBlack Nickel#425In stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-4-25UBlack Nickel#44Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-6-10UBlack Nickel#610In stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-6-25UBlack Nickel#625In stock$9.99
92553NP-BN-6-10UBlack Nickel#66Out of stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-1/0-25UBlack Nickel1/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-1/0-6UBlack Nickel1/06In stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-1/0-6WBlack Nickel1/06 WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-BN-2/0-6WBlack Nickel2/0N/AOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-BN-2/0-25UBlack Nickel2/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-2/0-25UBlack Nickel2/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-2/0-6UBlack Nickel2/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-2/0-6WBlack Nickel2/06 WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-BN-3/0-25UBlack Nickel3/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-3/0-25UBlack Nickel3/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-3/0-6Black Nickel3/06Out of stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-3/0-6UBlack Nickel3/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-3/0-6WBlack Nickel3/06 WOut of stock$0.59
92553NP-BN-4/0-25UBlack Nickel4/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-4/0-25UBlack Nickel4/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-4/0-6UBlack Nickel4/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-5/0-25UBlack Nickel5/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-BN-5/0-6UBlack Nickel5/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-6/0-6Black Nickel6/0N/AOut of stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-6/0-25UBlack Nickel6/025In stock$14.99
92553NP-BN-6/0-6Black Nickel6/06Out of stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-6/0-6UBlack Nickel6/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-6/0-6WBlack Nickel6/06 WOut of stock$0.49
92553NP-BN-7/0-25UBlack Nickel7/025In stock$14.99
92553NP-BN-7/0-6Black Nickel7/06Out of stock$2.29
92553NP-BN-7/0-6UBlack Nickel7/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-BN-7/0-6WBlack Nickel7/06 WOut of stock$0.59
92553NP-BN-8/0-25UBlack Nickel8/025Out of stock$15.99
92553NP-BN-8/0-25UBlack Nickel8/025In stock$15.99
92553NP-BN-9/0-25UBlack Nickel9/025Out of stock$15.49
92553NP-BN-9/0-3UBlack Nickel9/03Out of stock$1.00
92553NP-BN-9/0-3UBlack Nickel9/03Out of stock$0.91
92553NP-RB-1-25UBlonde Red#11Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-1-25UBlonde Red#125In stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-1-8UBlonde Red#18In stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-2-25UBlonde Red#22Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-2-25UBlonde Red#225Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-2-8UBlonde Red#28In stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-2-8WBlonde Red#28WOut of stock$0.29
92553NP-RB-4-10UBlonde Red#410In stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-4-10WBlonde Red#410 WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-RB-4-25UBlonde Red#425Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-4-25UBlonde Red#44Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-6-10UBlonde Red#610Out of stock$0.39
92553NP-RB-6-25UBlonde Red#625Out of stock$9.99
92553NP-RB-1/0-25UBlonde Red1/025In stock$10.90
92553NP-RB-1/0-6UBlonde Red1/06In stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-2/0-25UBlonde Red2/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-RB-2/0-6UBlonde Red2/06 UIn stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-3/0-25UBlonde Red3/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-RB-3/0-25UBlonde Red3/025In stock$10.90
92553NP-RB-3/0-6UBlonde Red3/06In stock$3.49
92553NP-RB-4/0-6UBlonde Red4/0N/AIn stock$3.63
92553NP-RB-4/0-25UBlonde Red4/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-RB-4/0-25UBlonde Red4/025In stock$11.99
92553NP-RB-4/0-6UBlonde Red4/06Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-RB-4/0-6WBlonde Red4/06 WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-RB-5/0-25UBlonde Red5/025Out of stock$9.19
92553NP-RB-5/0-25UBlonde Red5/025In stock$9.19
92553NP-RB-5/0-6UBlonde Red5/06 UOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-RB-5/0-6WBlonde Red5/06 WOut of stock$0.39
92553NP-RB-6/0-25UBlonde Red6/025Out of stock$1.39
92553NP-CH-2-6UChartreuse#22Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-CH-2-6UChartreuse#26In stock$3.99
92553NP-CH-4-6UChartreuse#44Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-CH-4-6UChartreuse#46In stock$3.99
92553NP-CH-6-6UChartreuse#66In stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-2-6UChartreuse / Orange#22Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-4-6UChartreuse / Orange#44Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-6-6UChartreuse / Orange#66Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-2-6UFish Camo#26Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-4-6UFish Camo#46Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-6-6UFish Camo#66Out of stock$3.19
92553NP-FC-2-6UFlame Chart#26Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-4-6UFlame Chart#46Out of stock$3.99
92553NP-FC-6-6UFlame Chart#66Out of stock$3.49
92553NP-NI-2/0-6WNickel2/06Out of stock$0.39
92553NP-NI-3/0-6WNickel3/06Out of stock$0.49
92553NP-NI-4/0-6WNickel4/06Out of stock$0.39
92553NP-NI-5/0-6WNickel5/06 WOut of stock$0.49
92553NP-NI-6/0-6WNickel6/06Out of stock$0.49
92553NP-RB-6-10UN/A#610Out of stock$0.35
92553NP-RB-2/0-25UN/A2/025Out of stock$11.99
92553NP-RB-5/0-6UN/A5/0N/AOut of stock$0.35
92553NP-RB-6/0-25UN/A6/025Out of stock$1.26

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Chinook salmon

Chinook salmon

Coho salmon

Coho salmon

Flathead catfish

Flathead catfish

Longnose gar

Longnose gar

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

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