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Sold by Groove Life

Winter Rose - Thin

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  • Size:

    Thin - 5mm / 10

  • Ring Color:

    Winter Rose

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About this product

Aspire Collection: New Limited Edition Patterns

New Limited Edition Winter Rose Patterned Silicone Wedding Rings are an ideal choice for any active woman. Comfortable and on-trend, these silicone rings are uniquely designed to express your personality while providing a safe alternative to a traditional ring. Collect one or all of them before they are gone! Available in Thin band, sizes 4-11. 

 Groove Thin Specs:

  • Breathable Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Width: 5.5mm or 3/16" + - 
  • Thickness: 2mm or 3/32" + -
  • Patent Pending

  • Groove Ring is the first breathable active silicone ring. It is tough, low profile, and comes with an UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty. It is the last ring you will ever buy! Groove is for the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, the trend setter.  It begs to be worn, shown and tested everyday no matter what the circumstance.

    Groove "Thin" is designed for the person looking for a little less bulk but the same great function.  Like the Groove Original, the Thin is a unisex ring that looks great no matter who is wearing it.  Groove is the only active ring on the market to offer breathability.  Because of this, Groove is to be worn snuggly on your finger which keeps your ring from catching and grabbing on things in your environment.  

    Made from 80 durometer medical grade silicone, Groove is the first and only active ring to be liquid poured. This means fine detail and perfect design with little to no mold marks or flaws.  Groove silicone is resistant to most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, & household cleaning products.  Groove is also non porous, non conductive, heat resistant, and hypoallergenic.

    Groove is two rings in one.  We first began with the inner ring.  Firmer and full of infinity grooves that allow the ring to breathe.  The inner ring also features an inverse arch know as a comfort fit that lessens the contact with your skin. 


    Do you know your ring size? Click here to find it.  

    Specifications and variants

     SizeRing ColorAvailabilityPrice 
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-10Thin - 5mm / 10Winter RoseIn stock$39.95Current variant
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-11Thin - 5mm / 11Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-04Thin - 5mm / 4Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-05Thin - 5mm / 5Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-06Thin - 5mm / 6Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-07Thin - 5mm / 7Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-08Thin - 5mm / 8Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-09Thin - 5mm / 9Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-10Thin / 10Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-11Thin / 11Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-04Thin / 4Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-05Thin / 5Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-06Thin / 6Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-07Thin / 7Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-08Thin / 8Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    TGV-RNG-TN-ASB-WINT-ROSE-09Thin / 9Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-10Wide - 8mm / 10Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-11Wide - 8mm / 11Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-04Wide - 8mm / 4Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-05Wide - 8mm / 5Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-06Wide - 8mm / 6Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-07Wide - 8mm / 7Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-08Wide - 8mm / 8Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-09Wide - 8mm / 9Winter RoseIn stock$39.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-10Wide / 10Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-11Wide / 11Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-04Wide / 4Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-05Wide / 5Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-06Wide / 6Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-07Wide / 7Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-08Wide / 8Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95
    ROT-AS-WTR-09Wide / 9Winter RoseOut of stock$34.95

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