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This product is unavailable

This product is not available. Maybe a similar one?

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Slab Tube

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2 anglers use it
  • Color:

    Black / Blue / Chartreuse Shine

  • Length:

    1.75in | 4.4cm

  • Quantity in Pack:


Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

The Slab Tube has a solid, ringed body and a tube style tail that those big slabs won't be able to resist. 1.75” (10 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
STUB1502Black / Blue / Chartreuse Shine1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19Current variant
STUB1502-100Black / Blue / Chartreuse Shine1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1518Black / Chartreuse Tail1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1518-100Black / Chartreuse Tail1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1528Blink1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1528-100Blink1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1516Blue / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1516-100Blue / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1511Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1511-100Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1505Fire Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1505-100Fire Tiger1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1523Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1523-100Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1525Junebug / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1525-100Junebug / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1508Lemon Meringue1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1508-100Lemon Meringue1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1519Orange / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1519-100Orange / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1521Parrot1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1521-100Parrot1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1513Pearl / Chartreuse Tail1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1513-100Pearl / Chartreuse Tail1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1517Pink / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1517-100Pink / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1520Pink / Yellow / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1520-100Pink / Yellow / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1504Popsicle1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1504-100Popsicle1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1514Purple / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1514-100Purple / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1503Purple / Orange1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1503-100Purple / Orange1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1501Purple / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1501-100Purple / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1527Purple Glitter / Opaque Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1527-100Purple Glitter / Opaque Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1530Purple Haze1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1530-100Purple Haze1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1512Red / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1512-100Red / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1510Red / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1510-100Red / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1509Red / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1509-100Red / Yellow1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1526Silver Glitter / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1526-100Silver Glitter / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1529Snot Rocket1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1529-100Snot Rocket1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1506Tennesse Shad1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1506-100Tennesse Shad1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1524Tennessee Shad / Chartreuse Sparkle1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1524-100Tennessee Shad / Chartreuse Sparkle1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1515Tractor Green1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1515-100Tractor Green1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1522Watermelon Red / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1522-100Watermelon Red / Chartreuse1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00
STUB1507Yellow / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm10Out of stock$2.19
STUB1507-100Yellow / Pearl1.75in | 4.4cm100Out of stock$14.00

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This product is not available. Maybe a similar one?

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