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  • Color:

    Baby Bass

  • Length:

    2.5in | 6.4cm

  • Weight:


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About this product

The original balsa badass: square lip, super buoyant, unstoppable, built to raid timber and pull shoulder-wrenching bass right out of their root holes. The square-lip design slips through junk, sassing fish to their faces until they explode. Two BassMaster Classics later, it's still looking for trouble.

Balsa B1
LengthWeightDepthHooks 2'' 5/16 oz 0-3' 2

Perfect for bass feeding on small forage in light to medium cover. Use light line, sensitive to rod and smaller reel to keep from overpowering the lively wiggle, and keep it moving to leverage the balance of the square bill and balsa’s natural bounce in underwater structure.

Balsa B2
LengthWeightDepthHooks 2.5'' 7/16 oz 0-3' 2

Made to mimic the look and motion of medium forage that large bass prey on. Balance tackle to slightly higher test and stiffer rod for stronger tumble through heavier cover. Retrieve and pause to let lure wobble, float, bounce, and wobble again.

This Bagley lure is manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures. This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits - every time.

Specifications and variants

BB2-BBBaby Bass2.5in | 6.4cmN/AIn stock$9.99Current variant
BB1-BBBaby Bass2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-BGOBlack Back / Gold Foil2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-BGOBlack Back / Gold Foil2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-BSBlack Back / Silver Foil2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-BCSDBlue / Chartreuse2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-BCSDBlue / Chartreuse2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-BSOBlue Back / White Side / Orange Belly2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-BSOBlue Back / White Side / Orange Belly2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
B2-BBSDBlue Back Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
B1-BBSDBlue Back Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-BOSDBlue Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-BOSDBlue Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-BRCWBurnt Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-BRCWBurnt Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-CBGLChartreuse Bluegill2.5in | 6.4cmN/AIn stock$9.99
BB1-CBGLChartreuse Bluegill2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-CHCWChartreuse Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-CHCWChartreuse Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-CSRBChartreuse Rootbeer2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-CSRBChartreuse Rootbeer2in | 5cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB2-CSDChartreuse Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-CSDChartreuse Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-CTSDCitrus Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-CTSDCitrus Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-CKCWCooked Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-CKCWCooked Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-CRCWCrusty Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-CRCWCrusty Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
B2-GBGLGhost Gill2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
B1-GBGLGhost Gill2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
B2-GBSDGrey Back Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
B1-GBSDGrey Back Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-GGGrey Ghost2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-GGGrey Ghost2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-HCCWHot Claw Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-HCCWHot Claw Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-HTHot Tiger2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-HTHot Tiger2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-OBGLOrange Belly Gill2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-OBGLOrange Belly Gill2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-PBGLPurple Gill2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-PBGLPurple Gill2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-RCWRed Crawdad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-RCWRed Crawdad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-RBRoot Beer2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-RBRoot Beer2in | 5cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB2-SSSexy Shad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-SSSexy Shad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gIn stock$9.99
BB2-SDShad2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gOut of stock$9.99
BB1-SDShad2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-TSOTennessee Shad / Orange Belly2.5in | 6.4cm0.4375oz | 12.4gIn stock$9.99
BB1-TSOTennessee Shad / Orange Belly2in | 5cm0.3125oz | 8.86gOut of stock$9.99
BB2-BSN/A2.5in | 6.4cmN/AIn stock$9.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Channel catfish

Channel catfish

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