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SpiderWire® Ultracast® Braid

77 reviews
1478 anglers use it
  • Line Break Strength:

    100lb | 45.3kg

  • Color:

    Aqua Camo

  • Length:


Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

Learn more about and Buy SpiderWire® Ultracast® Braid: 100% PE Fibres Ultracast on Fishbrain Shop.

The best of SpiderWire® performance will be found in Ultracast®! Made from 8 tightly woven 100% PE fibres Ultracast effortlessly casts long-distance while providing high strength and abrasion resistance giving you the ultimate performance fishing line.

Features of SpiderWire® Ultracast® Braid

  • Ultra-smooth 8-carrier braid
  • Requires no break-in period
  • Outcasts and outlasts other lines
  • Incredibly thin and sensitive
  • Strong, smooth, and durable


Specifications and variants

 Line Break StrengthColorLengthAvailabilityPrice 
SUCVP20-IBN/ATranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK100-AQC100lb | 45.3kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$369.99
SUCFS100-AQC100lb | 45.3kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$26.99
SUCVP100-AQC100lb | 45.3kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS100-IC100lb | 45.3kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$26.99
SUCVP100-IC100lb | 45.3kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK100-IC100lb | 45.3kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$369.99
SUCVP100-UB100lb | 45.3kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK100-UB100lb | 45.3kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$369.99
SUCFS100-UB100lb | 45.3kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$26.99
SUCBK100-IB100lb | 45.3kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$369.99
SUCFS100-IB100lb | 45.3kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$26.99
SUCVP100-IB100lb | 45.3kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCFS10-AQC10lb | 4.5kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP10-AQC10lb | 4.5kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK10-AQC10lb | 4.5kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP10-IC10lb | 4.5kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS10-IC10lb | 4.5kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK10-IC10lb | 4.5kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS10-UB10lb | 4.5kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP10-UB10lb | 4.5kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK10-UB10lb | 4.5kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS10-IB10lb | 4.5kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP10-IB10lb | 4.5kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK10-IB10lb | 4.5kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS15-AQC15lb | 6.8kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP15-AQC15lb | 6.8kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK15-AQC15lb | 6.8kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS15-IC15lb | 6.8kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$19.99
SUCVP15-IC15lb | 6.8kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK15-IC15lb | 6.8kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS15-UB15lb | 6.8kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP15-UB15lb | 6.8kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK15-UB15lb | 6.8kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS15-IB15lb | 6.8kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP15-IB15lb | 6.8kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK15-IB15lb | 6.8kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS30-AQC30lb | 13.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK30-AQC30lb | 13.6kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP30-AQC30lb | 13.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS30-IC30lb | 13.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP30-IC30lb | 13.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK30-IC30lb | 13.6kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS30-UB30lb | 13.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP30-UB30lb | 13.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK30-UB30lb | 13.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS30-IB30lb | 13.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK30-IB30lb | 13.6kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP30-IB30lb | 13.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK40-AQC40lb | 18.1kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP40-AQC40lb | 18.1kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS40-AQC40lb | 18.1kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCFS40-IC40lb | 18.1kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP40-IC40lb | 18.1kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK40-IC40lb | 18.1kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP40-UB40lb | 18.1kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK40-UB40lb | 18.1kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS40-UB40lb | 18.1kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK40-IB40lb | 18.1kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS40-IB40lb | 18.1kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP40-IB40lb | 18.1kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCVP4-AQC4lb | 1.8kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK4-AQC4lb | 1.8kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS4-AQC4lb | 1.8kgAqua Camo164yd | 150mIn stock$19.99
SUCVP4-IC4lb | 1.8kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCBK4-IC4lb | 1.8kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS4-IC4lb | 1.8kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCFS4-UB4lb | 1.8kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP4-UB4lb | 1.8kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK4-UB4lb | 1.8kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS4-IB4lb | 1.8kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$19.99
SUCVP4-IB4lb | 1.8kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCBK4-IB4lb | 1.8kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCBK50-AQC50lb | 22.6kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCVP50-AQC50lb | 22.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS50-AQC50lb | 22.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCFS50-IC50lb | 22.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP50-IC50lb | 22.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK50-IC50lb | 22.6kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS50-UB50lb | 22.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP50-UB50lb | 22.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK50-UB50lb | 22.6kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCBK50-IB50lb | 22.6kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS50-IB50lb | 22.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP50-IB50lb | 22.6kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCBK65-AQC65lb | 29.4kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$309.99
SUCFS65-AQC65lb | 29.4kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP65-AQC65lb | 29.4kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS65-IC65lb | 29.4kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP65-IC65lb | 29.4kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK65-IC65lb | 29.4kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$309.99
SUCFS65-UB65lb | 29.4kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP65-UB65lb | 29.4kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK65-UB65lb | 29.4kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$309.99
SUCBK65-IB65lb | 29.4kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$309.99
SUCFS65-IB65lb | 29.4kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP65-IB65lb | 29.4kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS6-AQC6lb | 2.7kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP6-AQC6lb | 2.7kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK6-AQC6lb | 2.7kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCVP6-IC6lb | 2.7kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK6-IC6lb | 2.7kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS6-IC6lb | 2.7kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCFS6-UB6lb | 2.7kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP6-UB6lb | 2.7kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK6-UB6lb | 2.7kgMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS6-IB6lb | 2.7kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP6-IB6lb | 2.7kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCBK6-IB6lb | 2.7kgTranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS80-AQC80lb | 36.2kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP80-AQC80lb | 36.2kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$39.99
SUCBK80-AQC80lb | 36.2kgAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$309.99
SUCFS80-IC80lb | 36.2kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$22.99
SUCVP80-IC80lb | 36.2kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK80-IC80lb | 36.2kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$309.99
SUCVP80-UB80lb | 36.2kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK80-UB80lb | 36.2kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$309.99
SUCFS80-UB80lb | 36.2kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCBK80-IB80lb | 36.2kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$309.99
SUCFS80-IB80lb | 36.2kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$22.99
SUCVP80-IB80lb | 36.2kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCFS8-AQC8lb | 3.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK8-AQC8lb | 3.6kgAqua CamoN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCVP8-AQC8lb | 3.6kgAqua Camo328yd | 300mOut of stock$39.99
SUCVP8-IC8lb | 3.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK8-IC8lb | 3.6kgInshore CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS8-IC8lb | 3.6kgInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCFS8-UB8lb | 3.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP8-UB8lb | 3.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK8-UB8lb | 3.6kgMoss GreenN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS8-IB8lb | 3.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP8-IB8lb | 3.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK8-IB8lb | 3.6kgTranslucentN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS20-AQCN/AAqua CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP20-AQCN/AAqua CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK20-AQCN/AAqua CamoN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS20-ICN/AInshore CamoN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP20-ICN/AInshore CamoN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK20-ICN/AInshore CamoN/AIn stock$259.99
SUCFS20-UBN/AMoss GreenN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCVP20-UBN/AMoss GreenN/AIn stock$39.99
SUCBK20-UBN/AMoss GreenN/AOut of stock$259.99
SUCFS20-IBN/ATranslucentN/AIn stock$19.99
SUCBK20-IBN/ATranslucentN/AOut of stock$259.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

Channel catfish

Channel catfish

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Red drum

Red drum

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