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Berkley® Fusion19™ Swimbait Jighead

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy Berkley Fusion19 Swimbait Jighead, Fishing Terminal Tackle on Fishbrain Shop.

Berkley Fusion19 hooks are targeted to everyone, from the novice to the avid angler. The Swimbait Jig Head features an ultra-realistic look and feel with a custom 40-degree pull point for optimal tracking and natural presentation for swimbaits and other soft plastics.

Deliver professional-grade quality and versatility, the Berkley Fusion19 Swimbait Jighead features an innovative design to ensure your soft plastic trailers are providing peak performance.

Built around a custom 40-degree hook for an ideal pulling point, the Berkley Fusion19 Swimbait Jighead keeps your bait tracking true at any speed for a natural presentation.

Designed for everyone, from the novice to the professional angler, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks have been designed to perform at all levels.

Features of Berkley Fusion19 Swimbait Jighead

  • Needle point for easier penetration
  • High-definition detail for realistic look
  • Conical bait keeper with wire locks baits into place
  • Custom 40-degree hooks for an ideal pull point for natural presentation
  • Forged hook for increased lateral strength
  • Optimal head design for a variety of Berkley soft plastics
  • Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management

Technical Details:

Hook Size: 1 - 5
Tackle Size: 1/2 - 3/8 oz
Package Count: 3

About Berkley

You have a passion for the sport. And so do we. That's what's made us the world's leading fishing tackle company. Passion. Berkley is the premium brand of fishing tackle that fuels your passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by anglers who share your commitment to the sport.

Specifications and variants

 ColorWeightSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
FSN19SWBJ1/8-1/0-CHChartreuse0.125oz | 3.54g1/03In stock$6.99Current variant
FSN19SWBJ1/8-2/0-CHChartreuse0.125oz | 3.54g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-3/0-CHChartreuse0.125oz | 3.54g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-2/0-CHChartreuse0.25oz | 7.09g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-3/0-CHChartreuse0.25oz | 7.09g3/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-4/0-CHChartreuse0.25oz | 7.09g4/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-3/0-CHChartreuse0.375oz | 10.63g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-4/0-CHChartreuse0.375oz | 10.63g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-5/0-CHChartreuse0.375oz | 10.63g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-3/0-CHChartreuse0.5oz | 14.17g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-4/0-CHChartreuse0.5oz | 14.17g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-5/0-CHChartreuse0.5oz | 14.17g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-4/0-CHChartreuse0.75oz | 21g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-5/0L-CHChartreuse0.75oz | 21g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-4/0-CHChartreuse1oz | 28g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-5/0L-CHChartreuse1oz | 28g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-1/0-PWPearl White0.125oz | 3.54g1/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-2/0-PWPearl White0.125oz | 3.54g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-3/0-PWPearl White0.125oz | 3.54g3/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-2/0-PWPearl White0.25oz | 7.09g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-3/0-PWPearl White0.25oz | 7.09g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-4/0-PWPearl White0.25oz | 7.09g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-3/0-PWPearl White0.375oz | 10.63g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-4/0-PWPearl White0.375oz | 10.63g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-5/0-PWPearl White0.375oz | 10.63g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-3/0-PWPearl White0.5oz | 14.17g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-4/0-PWPearl White0.5oz | 14.17g4/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-5/0-PWPearl White0.5oz | 14.17g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-4/0-PWPearl White0.75oz | 21g4/03Out of stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-5/0L-PWPearl White0.75oz | 21g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-4/0-PWPearl White1oz | 28g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-5/0L-PWPearl White1oz | 28g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-1/0-RDRed0.125oz | 3.54g1/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-2/0-RDRed0.125oz | 3.54g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-3/0-RDRed0.125oz | 3.54g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-2/0-RDRed0.25oz | 7.09g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-3/0-RDRed0.25oz | 7.09g3/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-4/0-RDRed0.25oz | 7.09g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-3/0-RDRed0.375oz | 10.63g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-4/0-RDRed0.375oz | 10.63g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-5/0-RDRed0.375oz | 10.63g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-3/0-RDRed0.5oz | 14.17g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-4/0-RDRed0.5oz | 14.17g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-5/0-RDRed0.5oz | 14.17g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-4/0-RDRed0.75oz | 21g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-5/0L-RDRed0.75oz | 21g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-4/0-RDRed1oz | 28g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-5/0L-RDRed1oz | 28g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-1/0-SHDShad0.125oz | 3.54g1/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-2/0-SHDShad0.125oz | 3.54g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-3/0-SHDShad0.125oz | 3.54g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-2/0-SHDShad0.25oz | 7.09g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-3/0-SHDShad0.25oz | 7.09g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-4/0-SHDShad0.25oz | 7.09g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-3/0-SHDShad0.375oz | 10.63g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-4/0-SHDShad0.375oz | 10.63g4/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-5/0-SHDShad0.375oz | 10.63g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-3/0-SHDShad0.5oz | 14.17g3/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-4/0-SHDShad0.5oz | 14.17g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-5/0-SHDShad0.5oz | 14.17g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-4/0-SHDShad0.75oz | 21g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-5/0L-SHDShad0.75oz | 21g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-4/0-SHDShad1oz | 28g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-5/0L-SHDShad1oz | 28g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-1/0-UPUnpainted0.125oz | 3.54g1/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-2/0-UPUnpainted0.125oz | 3.54g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/8-3/0-UPUnpainted0.125oz | 3.54g3/03Out of stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-2/0-UPUnpainted0.25oz | 7.09g2/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-3/0-UPUnpainted0.25oz | 7.09g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/4-4/0-UPUnpainted0.25oz | 7.09g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-3/0-UPUnpainted0.375oz | 10.63g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-4/0-UPUnpainted0.375oz | 10.63g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/8-5/0-UPUnpainted0.375oz | 10.63g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-3/0-UPUnpainted0.5oz | 14.17g3/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-4/0-UPUnpainted0.5oz | 14.17g4/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ1/2-5/0-UPUnpainted0.5oz | 14.17g5/03In stock$6.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-4/0-UPUnpainted0.75oz | 21g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ3/4-5/0L-UPUnpainted0.75oz | 21g5/0 L3In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-4/0-UPUnpainted1oz | 28g4/03In stock$7.99
FSN19SWBJ1-5/0L-UPUnpainted1oz | 28g5/0 L3In stock$7.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Red drum

Red drum

Spotted seatrout

Spotted seatrout

Striped bass

Striped bass

Summer flounder

Summer flounder

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