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Men's Original Beer Can Island Cott. Short (28-42)

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About this product

Beer Can Island® Is Not Just A Place On The Map, But A State of Mind. The Beer Can Island® Fishing Short Captures All the Good Times Enjoyed By Boaters On This Rock In The Middle Of The Bay.

Sandwiched between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean in Miami, Florida USA, boaters rendezvous at Beer Can Island and barbecue, swim and tell jokes. Hook & Tackle’s® Original Beer Can Island® fishing short captures the essence of all the good times enjoyed by so many boaters over so many years on this rock in the middle of the bay.

Features :

  • 100% Rugged Cotton Mariner Cloth™
  • Salt-Washed for Broken-in Comfort
  • Beverage Can/Utility/Cell Phone Pocket
  • Hidden Security Pocket
  • Deep Expandable Front Pockets
  • Zipper Secured Back Pocket
  • Stitched-in Pencil Pocket
  • Comfort Back-Elastic
  • Sunglasses Loop
  • Inseam Length: 5.3" - 5.7" 

Specifications and variants

M019800-270-34Chambray34Out of stock$45.00Current variant
M019800-270-38Chambray38In stock$45.00
M019800-650-32Charcoal32In stock$45.00
M019800-650-34Charcoal34In stock$45.00
M019800-650-36Charcoal36In stock$45.00
M019800-650-38Charcoal38In stock$45.00
M019800-650-40Charcoal40In stock$45.00
M019800-650-42Charcoal42In stock$45.00
M019800-290-32Navy32In stock$45.00
M019800-290-34Navy34In stock$45.00
M019800-290-36Navy36In stock$45.00
M019800-290-38Navy38In stock$45.00
M019800-290-40Navy40In stock$45.00
M019800-490-32Olive32In stock$45.00
M019800-490-34Olive34In stock$45.00
M019800-490-36Olive36In stock$45.00
M019800-490-38Olive38In stock$45.00
M019800-490-40Olive40In stock$45.00
M019800-050-38Sand38In stock$45.00
M019800-050-40Sand40In stock$45.00
M019800-485-32Spruce Green32In stock$45.00
M019800-485-34Spruce Green34In stock$45.00
M019800-485-36Spruce Green36In stock$45.00
M019800-485-38Spruce Green38In stock$45.00
M019800-485-40Spruce Green40In stock$45.00
M019800-485-42Spruce Green42In stock$45.00
M019800-600-34N/A34In stock$45.00
M019800-600-36N/A36In stock$45.00
M019800-600-38N/A38In stock$45.00
M019800-600-40N/A40In stock$45.00
M019800-270-28Chambray28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-270-30Chambray30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-270-32Chambray32Out of stock$45.00
M019800-270-36Chambray36Out of stock$45.00
M019800-270-40Chambray40Out of stock$45.00
M019800-270-42Chambray42Out of stock$45.00
M019800-650-28Charcoal28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-650-30Charcoal30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-290-28Navy28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-290-30Navy30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-290-42Navy42Out of stock$45.00
M019800-490-28Olive28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-490-30Olive30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-490-42Olive42Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-28Sand28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-30Sand30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-32Sand32Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-34Sand34Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-36Sand36Out of stock$45.00
M019800-050-42Sand42Out of stock$45.00
M019800-240-28Sapphire28Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-30Sapphire30Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-32Sapphire32Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-34Sapphire34Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-36Sapphire36Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-38Sapphire38Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-40Sapphire40Out of stock$38.00
M019800-240-42Sapphire42Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-28Spruce Green28Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-28Spruce Green28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-485-30Spruce Green30Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-30Spruce Green30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-485-32Spruce Green32Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-34Spruce Green34Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-36Spruce Green36Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-38Spruce Green38Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-40Spruce Green40Out of stock$38.00
M019800-485-42Spruce Green42Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-28White28Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-30White30Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-32White32Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-34White34Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-36White36Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-38White38Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-40White40Out of stock$38.00
M019800-001-42White42Out of stock$38.00
M019800-600-28N/A28Out of stock$45.00
M019800-600-30N/A30Out of stock$45.00
M019800-600-32N/A32Out of stock$45.00
M019800-600-42N/A42Out of stock$45.00



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