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    0.125oz | 3.54g

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About this product

  • Fast falling spoon
  • Great for walleyes
  • UV coating finish
  • Use a jigging method

A standout for walleyes, pike, trout, perch and crappies, the Buck-Shot® Flutter Spoon’s S-curve design produces an erratic action, high-pitched sound waves and accentuated flutter when jigging and casting. Also effective quivered in place when wary predators move in close. Tip with a variety of live and artificial baits.

Specifications and variants

 Lure ColorLengthWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
BRFS3K-3-99N/AVaried0.125oz | 3.54g3In stock$18.99Current variant
BRFS2-23Golden PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-23Golden PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-23Golden PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-23Golden PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12In stock$72.99
BRFS4-23Golden PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-23Golden PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12In stock$72.99
BRFS2-4Purple PassionVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1In stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-4Purple PassionVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-4Purple PassionVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-4Purple PassionVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12In stock$72.99
BRFS4-4Purple PassionVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-4Purple PassionVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12In stock$72.99
BRFS2-11Silver ShinerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1In stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-11Silver ShinerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS2-12-11Silver ShinerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12/bagIn stock$72.99
BRFS3-11Silver ShinerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1In stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-11Silver ShinerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12In stock$72.99
BRFS4-11Silver ShinerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-11Silver ShinerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12In stock$72.99
BRFS2-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1In stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1In stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS4-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-93Super Glow RedfishVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS2-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1In stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12In stock$72.99
BRFS4-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-60UV Electric PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS2-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1In stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS4-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-20UV Glo PerchVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS2-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS4-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-26UV Pink TigerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS2-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g1In stock$6.99
BRFS2-12-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS3-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g1Out of stock$6.99
BRFS3-12-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.125oz | 3.54g12Out of stock$72.99
BRFS4-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g1In stock$6.99
BRFS4-12-46UV Purple TigerVaried0.25oz | 7.09g12In stock$72.99
BRFS2K-3-99White DiamondVaried0.0625oz | 1.77g3In stock$18.99

Suitable for catching



Yellow perch

Yellow perch

Northern pike

Northern pike

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

Black crappie

Black crappie



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