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Headbanger Shad 4.5"

11 reviews
82 anglers use it
Baby Bass4 1/2inFloating
In Stock
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About this product

A simple straight retrieve of the Headbanger Shad 4.5" produces an action that mimics the erratic and evasive movement of a spooked smaller bait fish, and adding a pause or two makes it irresistible to any nearby predator. Available in three different buoyancies for different depths and styles of fishing, the 4.5" inch Shad is a must have for every angler fishing for bass, walleye, trout, pike and many other species.

The lure has a wire-through-body construction and is equipped with rattle balls of different sizes for a fuller sound. The lure is lead-free and the weights inside are made of stainless steel. The Headbanger Shad 4.5" is equipped with a premium #4 VMC 9655 BN hook. It is also an excellent trolling lure, with an unmatched action all the way from 1.4 to 4 mph.

The tail is attached on a corkscrew and is easily replaced by twisting it counterclockwise. You can buy our own replacement tails, or experiment with any type of soft plastic and see how it changes the action. 


Fishing depth

Floating: 0.35 oz

Floating: 0-5 ft

Suspending: 0.4 oz

Suspending: 1.6-6 ft

Sinking: 0.45 oz

Sinking: 2-8 ft

The Floating version is perfect for really shallow fishing. You can keep it just around the surface and wake it if you retrieve slowly and hold your rod tip up, and go down 4-5 ft if you put your rod tip down and crank it without pauses. The Suspending sits completely still in the water column when paused, and is typically fished at 2-6 ft depth depending on how you work it. The Sinking naturally dives down just a little deeper than a suspending if you just cast and retrieve it, but can easily be fished deeper if you allow it to sink (sink rate 1 ft/s).

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including diisononyl phthalate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more info go to

Specifications and variants

HS-11-FL-BBBaby Bass4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99Current variant
HS-11-SI-BBBaby Bass4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-BBBaby Bass4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-BGBluegill4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-BGBluegill4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-BGBluegill4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-CHChartreuse/Black4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-CHChartreuse/Black4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-CHChartreuse/Black4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-CLClown4 1/2inFloatingOut of stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-CLClown4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-CLClown4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-DPDeep Purple4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-DPDeep Purple4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-DPDeep Purple4 1/2inSuspendingOut of stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-FTFiretiger4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-FTFiretiger4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-FTFiretiger4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-GHGhost Shad4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-GHGhost Shad4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-GHGhost Shad4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-GGGolden Goby4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-GGGolden Goby4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-GGGolden Goby4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-GSGolden Shiner4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-GSGolden Shiner4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-GSGolden Shiner4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-HPHot Perch4 1/2inFloatingOut of stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-HPHot Perch4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-HPHot Perch4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-RCRed Craw4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-RCRed Craw4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-RCRed Craw4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-SSSexy Shad4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-SSSexy Shad4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-SSSexy Shad4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-FL-TSTennessee Shad4 1/2inFloatingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SI-TSTennessee Shad4 1/2inSinkingIn stock$14.99
HS-11-SU-TSTennessee Shad4 1/2inSuspendingIn stock$14.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Black bullhead

Black bullhead

Black crappie

Black crappie



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11 reviews
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