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Mustad Daggerman Jig

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    Blue / Red Chrome

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    11.29oz | 320.07g

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About this product

The Daggerman jig is a 60:40 front weighted vertical jig specially designed for aggressive predators like amberjacks, yellow tails and Dogtooth tunas. The Daggerman is best presented in short rapid pumps with short pauses in between. The aerodynamically shaped Daggerman rips through the water column, drawing the attention of nearby predator and during the short pause, immediately dips head down, resembling the natural movement of a struggling baitfish. Most hits are usually encountered right after the pause.

Specifications and variants

 ColorColorWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
MJIG02-BRC-320-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49Current variant
MJIG02-YFT-320-1Yellowfin TunaN/A11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-YFT-100-1Yellowfin TunaN/A3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-YFT-150-1Yellowfin TunaN/A3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-YFT-200-1Yellowfin TunaN/A7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-YFT-240-1Yellowfin TunaN/A8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-YFT-280-1Yellowfin TunaN/A9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-BRC-100-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-BRC-150-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-BRC-200-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome7.05oz | 200g1Out of stock$12.49
MJIG02-BRC-240-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-BRC-280-1N/ABlue / Red Chrome9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-BSD-320-1N/ABlue Sardine11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-BSD-100-1N/ABlue Sardine3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-BSD-150-1N/ABlue Sardine3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-BSD-200-1N/ABlue Sardine7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-BSD-240-1N/ABlue Sardine8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-BSD-280-1N/ABlue Sardine9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-CCD-320-1N/ACotton Candy11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-CCD-100-1N/ACotton Candy3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-CCD-150-1N/ACotton Candy3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-CCD-200-1N/ACotton Candy7.05oz | 200g1Out of stock$12.49
MJIG02-CCD-240-1N/ACotton Candy8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-CCD-280-1N/ACotton Candy9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-FCR-320-1N/AFull Chrome11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-FCR-100-1N/AFull Chrome3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-FCR-150-1N/AFull Chrome3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-FCR-200-1N/AFull Chrome7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-FCR-240-1N/AFull Chrome8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-FCR-280-1N/AFull Chrome9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-GMK-320-1N/AGreen Mackerel11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-GMK-100-1N/AGreen Mackerel3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-GMK-150-1N/AGreen Mackerel3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-GMK-200-1N/AGreen Mackerel7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-GMK-240-1N/AGreen Mackerel8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-GMK-280-1N/AGreen Mackerel9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-ORG-320-1N/AOrange Gold11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-ORG-100-1N/AOrange Gold3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-ORG-150-1N/AOrange Gold3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-ORG-200-1N/AOrange Gold7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-ORG-240-1N/AOrange Gold8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-ORG-280-1N/AOrange Gold9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-PSD-320-1N/APink Sardine11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-PSD-100-1N/APink Sardine3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-PSD-150-1N/APink Sardine3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-PSD-200-1N/APink Sardine7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-PSD-240-1N/APink Sardine8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-PSD-280-1N/APink Sardine9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49
MJIG02-YCD-320-1N/AYellow Candy11.29oz | 320.07g1In stock$16.49
MJIG02-YCD-100-1N/AYellow Candy3.53oz | 100g1In stock$8.49
MJIG02-YCD-150-1N/AYellow Candy3.53oz | 100g1In stock$10.49
MJIG02-YCD-200-1N/AYellow Candy7.05oz | 200g1In stock$12.49
MJIG02-YCD-240-1N/AYellow Candy8.47oz | 240.12g1In stock$13.49
MJIG02-YCD-280-1N/AYellow Candy9.88oz | 280.09g1In stock$14.49

Suitable for catching

Dogtooth tuna

Dogtooth tuna

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