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Exact catch locations

Find out exactly where anglers are catching fish and plan your days on the water based on 14 million verified public catch locations. Discover locations nearby and select locations based on what species you’re looking to target.

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Exact catch locations - App feature preview
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Baits recommendation

Find the top baits for your target species and area. Make sure your tackle box is stocked with the essentials you need to make that next catch, with top baits recommendations based on data logged from 13 million catches.

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Baits recommendation - App feature preview
Deep water

Navionics depth maps

Unlock a detailed view of underwater fish-holding structures like humps and holes, drop-offs and ditches. Garmin-owned Navionics provides HD depth contour maps for US and Canada, so you can outsmart the fish.

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Navionics depth maps - App feature preview
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Fishing spot prediction

The smartest way to find new potential spots. By analyzing map structures for the areas where people catch fish, we can find similar water areas that have not been discovered yet. Available in: All US States (except AK and HI), and Sweden.

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Fishing spot prediction - App feature preview
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Private waypoints

Create your own fishing map layer by adding the information you discover: the reef bustling with fish, a school of fish, or a good spot to check out later. Waypoints are visible only to you, unless you choose to share a specific one with your fishing buddy.

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Private waypoints - App feature preview