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Our Mission

At Fishbrain, we're connecting anglers to make fishing dreams come true, today and tomorrow.

Disrupting a tradition

Fishing is more than a hobby - it's a passion. Even if you don't personally love fishing, you definitely know someone who does. But we think there’s a way for technology to improve this age-old tradition. That’s why Fishbrain is changing the way people fish and how anglers connect. We’ve got big plans for the sport of fishing, and we’re backed by the investors behind some of the most successful social networks and apps. Get onboard and be part of the journey.

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About Fishbrain
About Fishbrain

A Commitment to Sustainability

We have a part to play in making sure future generations can continue to fish the oceans like the rest of us. Our global data set is one of the largest in the world, and we freely share it with scientific research partners in both North America and Europe to better understand our fisheries. This is just the start; sustainable fishing is an ongoing project, and we have so much more to come.

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Making a splash

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