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How to tie a Davy Knot

Tippet to Small Fly

The Davy Knot is an easy and quick fishing knot. This knot is great for extreme weather conditions (think ice fishing) due to the simplicity of the knot. You do not need to spend a lot of time tying this strong fishing knot, which means you will have more time to catch fish.

Step by step

  1. Start by threading a 3 to 4 inches of leader (or tippet) through the hook eye and around the running end and pass it back through the loop to make half a hitch.
  2. Loosely form a simple overhand knot ahead of the hook.
  3. Bring the tag end back through the loop making sure to pass between the overhand knot and the hook itself.
  4. Pull first on the tag end to draw up the knot, then on the main line to set the knot.

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