Why you should to start fly fishing this year

Fly fishing is a great way to expand your fishing knowledge and has few barriers that stand between a new angler and their first fly rod. Fly fishing is great way to fish and by your first hook set you understand the power of being directly connected to your catch. Here are five reasons why this is the year you need to pick up your first fly rod.

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Why you should to start fly fishing this year

Fly fishing often brings to mind thoughts of old men in waders, standing waist deep in a mountain stream, casting giant loops of line to rising trout. There was definitely an era when this was the most common site on a river and when fly fishing felt like an elitist club you were not welcome in. 

The looping lines, delicate flies and perceived attitudes of other anglers used to make picking up your first fly rod a daunting task. The elitist attitudes still exist in some pockets of fly fishing, as they do for most types of fishing, but overall the sport has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and is now more welcoming than ever. With new informative resources, community events and gear that is more affordable than ever, this could be the perfect summer to pick up your first fly rod. If you’re still on the fence about making your first false cast, below are five reasons that will convince you to take the leap into the fly world.

New skills enhance our favorite sports

Fishing never gets boring for us, but when we become creatures of habit we often stop enhancing our skills. The lessons you learn when picking up a fly rod will transcend to your usual method of fishing in ways you didn't imagine. Whether it's a fish’s place within the water column, how heavy your lure is to not spook fish, or an enhanced skill in cast placement, overall you will think of fishing in a different way, making you a better angler. Even if the lessons you’re learning seem small and insignificant, your overall knowledge of all things fishing will increase ten fold.

Looking at the same water in a new light

We sometimes have a bad habit as anglers on focusing on our homewaters too often. Maybe it's lack of time, or convenience, but sometimes we just can’t get away from the local lake and it can begin to wear on our passion. Switching up your style of fishing with a fly rod, will make the exact same river, creek, or lake look upside down. Not only will it give you a new perspective to the old lake, but you will also start looking around for smaller water you may never have thought of touching with a spinning rod. A new method of fishing, new lures and new skills may be just what you need to reignite that passion.

Find some solitude

The array of fly rod sizes make them a perfect tool to fish small water that is too skinny for spinning lures, or even a worm on a hook with weight. These tiny creeks need finesse casting and dainty dry flies to fool fish and this requirement alone is enough to filter out most other anglers. The amount of small creeks and similar bodies of water that can benefit from a fly rod easily outnumber the large popular fishing spots. When you step onto one of these small, fly-specific waters, you may very well find a solitude you forgot existed on the busy lakes and popular rivers. 

More affordable than ever

My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary by going backpacking in Montana to some remote high country lakes. While driving to the trailhead, I realized I’d forgotten my rod. We swung into the last fly shop before the trailhead and I told my wife I’d only get a new one if the price wasn't too high. The fishing guide behind the counter set me up with a perfect four piece five weight just around $100 and it's still my favorite trout rod today.

Back when Brad Pitt was shadowcasting over the Blackfoot River (it wasn’t actually the Blackfoot they filmed on though) in A River Runs Through It, fly rods came at a much steeper price point. Limited numbers of manufacturers and selection inherently made getting a rod and reel combo more expensive than a beginners spin rod. Add in the cost of line, leader and flies and you could easily feel like fly fishing was only for the wealthy. Beginner rod and reel combos today go for as low as $200 on the Fishbrain Shop

Flies can also be less expensive than soft baits, as the hooks are included and you wont need split shot, lead, or snaps and swivels. 

A direct connection to our target

We love chasing fish with light tackle and whippy spinning and casting rods. It gives us a real feel for every headshake on the other end of the line, but it cannot compare to a fly rod. Fly rods are generally built much lighter than any spinning, or casting rod, making them incredibly sensitive to every fight regardless of fish size. Your hand is not stuck to a mechanical reel, during the fight, either, but instead directly on the line. The combined sensitive rod and your direct connection to the fish via the line, lets you experience every headshake, every run and jump. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing a tiny creek far from the mountains, or hooking bass at the lake, there is no comparison to how a fish feels on the end of your fly rod. 

Picking up your first fly rod is a fantastic way to expand your fishing knowledge, while learning new skills and finding a new appreciation for angling of all types. Adult anglers don't get many chances for first time experiences and catching your first fish on the fly is a memory that sticks with you forever. 

Ultimately it doesn't matter how you fish, however, as long as you are outside, enjoying the greatest spot the world has ever known. But to those curious about making their first false cast as the sun rises on a river, or lake, fly fishing is here and waiting for you.

Now let’s go fishing. We’ll bring the flies.

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