Fishbrain's 2022 highlights

2022 was a great year for fishing and the fishing community. Here we delve into some of the highlights from the Fishbrain community in 2022. We look at most caught species, favorite lures and live baits, bodies of water and more!

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Fishbrain's 2022 highlights

Another year of fishing has come and gone. Like a beautiful steelhead resting in our hands, we cherished the moments it brought us, but now have to say goodbye, releasing the year while holding the memory of it tight in our mind.

Details are what keep memories fresh and the details of 2022 are especially worth remembering here at FIshbrain, all of which are thanks to you, our community of anglers.

Below are some of our highlighted stats where we look at the most species caught, best baits, favorite bodies of water and more.

Overview of Fishbrain highlights

  • We welcomed 1,825,236 new anglers

  • We caught 2,138,774 fish

  • We explored 140,272 fishing waters

  • We shared  3,096,731 fishing moments

  • We created 12,167 new fishing groups

  • We reviewed 54,666 fishing products 

Our fishing community is tight knit and it grew even tighter in 2022. We are ecstatic to provide the #1 fishing community in the world and even more thrilled to see it grow as it did. Friendships, tips and fishing news are all being shared on Fishbrain, creating a unified group of passionate anglers and conservationists ready to extend the greatest sport in the world to the next generation.

Species Caught on Fishbrain

Anglers set the hook on fish from all over the world, but by far these are the species most likely to be on the other end of a hook on Fishbrain.

767,518 largemouth bass

120,736 bluegills

119,164 smallmouth bass

83,891 rainbow trout

73,622 channel catfish

59,568 northern pike

42,507 black crappie

33,446 common carp

32,242 striped bass

29,621 brown trout

Top Baits and Lures

Whether it's live bait, cut bait, lures, or jigs, the Fishbrain community uses a large variety of methods to set the hook. Different types of fishing often require different baits and lures and the same can be said about fishing for different species. For these stats we broke the most logged baits into the top live baits and the top artificials to give due credit to both styles of fishing.

Top live baits

104,944 worm

57,617 baitfish

31,311 shellfish

Top artificial lures

7,457 Senko worm

7,037 Rooster Tails

6,117 Yamamoto 5 inch Senko

Most logged bodies of water

Where are our users catching all these fish? While we understand and encourage users to jealously guard their secret spots we also love to see the popular fishing spots and all the people who get to enjoy them. Below are the most popular bodies of water our users fished at and logged in 2022. 

Most of these waters are no secret to anyone.

Top bodies of water

2,094 Long Island Sound

1,634 Arrowhead Lake Pennsylvania

1,583 Lake Erie Ohio

1,539 Lake Michigan Michigan

1,521 Kent Lake Michigan

We fished in 2022 and banded together to cherish and protect fishing for years to come. We cannot wait to see what 2023 brings.

Now let’s go fishing. We’ll bring the greatest fishing community in the world.

If you havent experienced the #1 fishing app worldwide, make sure and check out Fishbrain to see all the fish data, fishing spots, weather conditions you've been missing out on plus much more.



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