Top 3 fishing locations in the U.S.

These 3 locations made the top of our list. Find out which states are the best for fishing and why.

Top 3 fishing locations in the U.S.

The United States is home to excellent fishing spots across the entire nation. From the coastal waters off the west coast to the great plains dotted with lakes teeming with freshwater fish, all the way to the eastern seaboard and the beautiful Floridian coastline with its clear blue waters. The only question is - where are the most popular fishing destinations in the U.S.? We’ve decided to answer that question with hard data. Where do our users catch the most fish? Here is what we’ve found when analyzing catches from over 10 million users.

#1 Fishing Spot: Florida

Florida is well known to be an angler’s paradise. Florida not only offers coastal fishing for saltwater anglers but is also home to tons of beautiful lakes. Many anglers enjoy chartering a boat in the Florida keys where the warm waters of the Atlantic meet the Gulf Stream provides a perfect environment for Marlin, Swordfish, and more. 

One of the most popular lakes to fish in, in Florida, is Lake Okeechobee, which spans over 730 square miles. This is a particularly great spot for the bass angler, in fact, it's known as the "black bass capital of the world". Okeechobee is not only the largest lake in Florida, but the second largest lake in the United States.

For those seeking a fishing adventure in the winter, Florida’s Charlotte Harbor is an excellent choice. This spot is a unique spot due to its unique blend of freshwater and saltwater from the rivers meeting the Gulf of Mexico. Anglers here can reel in redfish, snooks, groupers, and barracuda.

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#2 Fishing Spot: Texas

 The great state of Texas is home to some of the best fishing spots in the nation, if not the world. Texas boasts thousands of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and more. In addition, anglers also enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf Coast. One of the more popular lakes to fish is Lake Travis, Austin, which is a reservoir dating back to 1939. This area is a bass angler’s dream.

Aquila Lake is another popular destination for anglers. This area has many human-made submerged objects, which are perfect for fish to hide in. One of these structures is a massive “crappie condo” made from bamboo. 

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#3 Fishing Spot: California 

It’s no surprise that the beautiful state of California would end up on this list. The cooler pacific waters off the coast of California, and along its many islands provide saltwater anglers with a variety of species to catch. Not only that, but California is a vast state which is home to many beautiful lakes, often fed by fresh water running from the snowy mountains. One of the more popular lakes in California for fishing is Lake Berryessa, where you can see the beautiful low mountain ranges in the background while enjoying a day on the water. 

For those seeking trout, one of the best places to visit is California’s Skinner Reservoir, also known as “SoCal Clear Lake” due to the similarities to Clear Lake in Northern California. You won’t only find trout here, as the larger stripers and largemouths get fat from the abundant trout in the area.

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