Stocking stuffers from Fishbrain

We all love getting a new rod and reel under the tree, but some of the greatest angling gifts you can give fit right in a stocking. Check out some of our picks for the best stocking stuffers on the Fishbrain Shop!

Stocking stuffers from Fishbrain

Not all fishing gifts need to show up in large packages. While we do love rods, tackle boxes, and the occasional new boat as a gift (hint hint), some of the best and most essential fishing gifts can fit right in our stocking. 

Lures, hooks pliers and others, are all essential and often used tools for day to day fishing trips and make great gifts that fit into stockings.

Check out below as we searched the Fishbrain Shop for some of the best fishing related stocking stuffers you can find in one place.

 Fishing Hook Removal Forceps

Anglers may use forceps more than doctors. The tool helps with ethical hook removal, removing barbs from hooks when needed, or even difficult knot tying. Most anglers have a pair of these attached to their fishing shirts, in a vest pocket, or somewhere in their tackle box, but they never have enough. 

If you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer, but aren’t sure what that angler in your life needs, these forceps are always a welcome addition. 


Fishing often has us up at unworldly times in the morning and late into the night. If you are looking for a gift for that angler who has to be the first one at the boat ramp, or someone who targets fish deep into the night this flashlight is a great addition. 

On top of being a handy and portable flashlight, the GLo-Buster is excellent for supercharging your glow in the dark lures. The 12 UV LED bulbs offer 200% more power than a traditional LED bulb which help your lures, spoons and jigs glow 10 times longer than when in sunlight.

This flashlight should be considered a must have for ice anglers for those heavy snow days that leave the water dark.

Impact Crush - Popper

A modern take on a proven body style, the Lunkerhunt Impact Popper takes the traditional popper to a whole new level and at an unbeatable price point. Perfect for fishing over the top of the grass, around laydowns, and next to docks. The cupped mouth burps and spits a tremendous amount of water to generate attention-grabbing commotion on the surface for fish to hone in on.

The impact crush is even a preferred topwater lure for competitive anglers, like Erik Luzak, who utilizes it often to target large bass in tournaments.

This topwater special will light up the eyes of any angler who pulls it from their stocking. The only problem will be waiting long enough for topwater bass season.

Toadfish UV Gaiter - Topo

Whether it's a cold blustery day, or mid summer with a beating sun overhead, a neck gaiter can keep you on the water longer. The Toadfish Gaiter offers you UV protection against sunny days and can be pulled up over your ears to keep the chilly wind off and the heat in. 

Neck gaiters are versatile in that they can be used as headbands, facemasks, ear warmers and more. 

The gaiter is a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and fits most adults. THe gaiter also comes in two different shades of blue and features a slick bathymetric map design across it. 

Toadfish is also a champion of conservation and contributes a portion of each sale to rebuilding native oyster beds.

Hooks, Swivels, Snaps and Weights

Arguably the most essential aspect of fishing gear. These tools aren’t as flashy as a new lure, or as exciting as a new rod, but most tackle boxes have more hooks and weights than anything else in them. 

The Fishbrain shop has an entire page dedicated to this type of tackle. Here you can find hooks of any size,snap swivels, barrel swivels, split shot, weights and more. 

It's the little things in fishing that make all the difference and nowhere else will you find this large of a selection of the most important little things.

Give the gift of necessity this Christmas and put a smile on someone’s face with the bare necessities of fishing.

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Make sure and check the Fishbrain Shop for all our holiday deals just in time. 

Hang your stockings, light the tree and make sure, put out some milk and cookies and let Fishbrain help you make the most of your gift giving experience this year.

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