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#1 Fishing app

#1 fishing app

From fishing forecasts to finding the perfect spot to fish, our app has everything you need. Download app for iOS or Android.

#1 Fishing app

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Fishing intelligence in the palm of your hand. Harness the power of data to land your next PB.

#1 Fishing app


We’ve got all your fishing gear needs covered. Top brands, competitive prices and great deals.

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Fishbrain is the world’s No.1 fishing app. We provide the tools and knowledge to help anglers get better at fishing, so you can catch more fish. Find nearby fishing locations for your next trip, discover the best times to fish, and what bait you should throw. The Fishbrain app also allows you to socialize with other anglers, share fishing memories and brag about your latest catch.

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What is Fishbrain?

We are a Fishing App that provides all the tools you need to become a better angler, every time you hit the water.

Fishing forecasts

Increase your chances. Target species at the best time possible with our fishing - fishing forecast.

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Fishing spots

Not sure where to fish? Want to target a specific species? Fishbrain can provide recommendations near you.

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Remember what you found and where you found it. You’ll never have to remember that honey-hole ever again.

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Fishing logbook

Track catches, see trends, and more with your own personal fishing logbook. A journal of every fish you’ve ever caught at your fingertips.

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Depth maps

Depth maps are your underwater eyes, helping you pinpoint depth changes and find structure where fish concentrate.

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