Work with us

At Fishbrain, our mission is to build the best possible tool for people who love fishing. We believe if you love what you’re doing, surrounded by inspiring colleagues in an environment of growth and development, you will achieve great things.


35 employees. 16 nationalities. 1 office

We’re a Stockholm-based tech startup with a global user base. Some of us fish, some of us love the outdoors, but all of us are united in building the best fishing experience for the anglers of today and the future. 2018 brings a huge year of growth, so check out the roles below and drop us a line if you’re hooked. Yes, pun intended.


Cutting-edge Collaborations

We work closely with Apple and Google in our product development. Plus we partner with world-leading scientists and academics to use our data for research on topics like the sustainability of fish populations.


Perks & Benefits

True culture isn’t defined by a few values written on the wall but by the people who make it tick. We’re a team full of people from all over the world creating something amazing for the global fishing community. When you’re part of the team we make sure you’re looked after, the Fishbrain way.



Whether you want to attend a conference or gain skills in a particular area, we will support you and do what we can to help make that happen.


You’re more than a brain and a set of fingers typing. At Fishbrain you’ll get an annual allowance to put towards anything in the realm of health and fitness.


Twice a year we get together to spend time outside the office -- usually fishing. That’s in addition to other smaller team outings throughout the year.



Each year you’ll get 30 days paid vacation to use however, whenever. Catch some sun, a few fish, or both -- you decide.


Because we know people can be quite picky about this stuff. Windows or Mac, you decide.


If you (and your family) need to move from outside Sweden, we’ll handle the bureaucracy to make the transition smooth and swift.


Jobs at Fishbrain

We have big plans for the future of fishing. Whether you fish or not, we’d love your help.