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  • Color:

    Black / Blue

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    0.5oz | 14.17g

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Selected variant is out of stock


About this product


LURE Quantity Tactic Weight  Hook size

Waterbull 1/2 oz

1 Lure

Pitchin'  Flippin'

1/2 oz


Waterbull 1 oz 1 Lure

Pitchin' Flippin'

1 oz



When tournament angler/ flipping specialist David Bolema told Patrick Sebile about his idea on a flipping jig. The two pairecl together to make the WaterBull with the goal to be the most efhcient and reliable flipping jig on the market. There are key elements behind the WaterBull that make it the ultimate flipping jig. First is the bullet stile head design with the eye of the hook set back into the head for less hangu ps and to slide through cover with ease. The second thing is the flat spot on the head that allows the jig to stand in a defensive posture paired up with a good bait keeper to keep your Softough Hyperlastic bait pegged for multiple fish. The third thing is the double weed guard design that protects the hook from hanging up coming through the nastiest cover. Last but not least the hook which is an original design by Patrick. The inversed hook curve design has a deep gap for better hooku ps and strength with Jess chance of a bass throwing the hook.

Specifications and variants

 ColorColorWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
EGWTB0.5BNBBlack / BlueN/A0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00Current variant
EGWTB0.38BNBBlack / BlueN/A0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75BNBBlack / BlueN/A0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1BNBBlack / BlueN/A1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00
EGWTB0.38BCWN/ABrown Craw0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.5BCWN/ABrown Craw0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75BCWN/ABrown Craw0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1BCWN/ABrown Craw1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00
EGWTB0.38GPKN/AGreen Pumpkin0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.5GPKN/AGreen Pumpkin0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75GPKN/AGreen Pumpkin0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1GPKN/AGreen Pumpkin1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00
EGWTB0.38MCWN/AMud Craw0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.5MCWN/AMud Craw0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75MCWN/AMud Craw0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1MCWN/AMud Craw1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00
EGWTB0.38WRDN/AWatermelon Red0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.5WRDN/AWatermelon Red0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75WRDN/AWatermelon Red0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1WRDN/AWatermelon Red1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00
EGWTB0.38WSDN/AWhite Shad0.375oz | 10.63g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.5WSDN/AWhite Shad0.5oz | 14.17g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB0.75WSDN/AWhite Shad0.75oz | 21g1Out of stock$10.00
EGWTB1WSDN/AWhite Shad1oz | 28g1Out of stock$11.00

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