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Heart Tailed Grub

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About this product

The Heart Throb Grub comes in two sizes 4" & 5". The way the tail lie looks like a heart thus giving it's name.

Bag: 8 grubs

Proudly made in Texas!

Specifications and variants

 Lure ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
729205943300"Big Dog" Blue4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
729205947384"Big Dog" Blue5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
729205956386"Big Dog" Gold4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
729205959738"Big Dog" Gold5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
729205943157"Big Dog" Green4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
729205959875"Big Dog" Green5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
729205965203"Big Dog" Orange4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781034682"Big Dog" Orange5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
656874546122"Big Dog" Silver Melon4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
656874553731"Big Dog" Silver Melon5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781484197Argyle4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
729205942952Argyle5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
656874669135Autumn4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
656874671411Autumn5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781035528BTR4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781036372BTR5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781041277Black Grape4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781041505Black Grape5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781040195Black Royale4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781038918Black Royale5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781036617Bloody Mary4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781038727Bloody Mary5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
HG-BL-4-1-1-1-1Blue Ice4in | 10cm8Out of stock$5.99
HG-BL-5-1-1-1-1Blue Ice5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$5.99
698781049853Bluegill4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781056684Bluegill5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781080597COB4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781082003COB5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781050255Candy Apple Black4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781064771Candy Apple Black5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781067369Candy Wine4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781062562Candy Wine5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781042861Caution4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781045213Caution5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781036334Chateau4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781064948Chateau5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781079478Coal4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781065372Coal5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781087374Copper Sunrise4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781091043Copper Sunrise5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781084496Crusher4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781080795Crusher5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781100929Desert Green4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781101759Desert Green5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781103326Dirty Bone4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781103043Dirty Bone5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781105665Florida4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781106914Florida5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781072615Frankenbait4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781101513Frankenbait5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781104446Green Apple4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781107416Green Apple5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781107805Green Envy4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781106976Green Envy5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781108659Green Grass4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781109793Green Grass5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781110751Green Lantern4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781088371Green Lantern5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781113448Green Phantom4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781118870Green Phantom5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781119167Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781123393Green Pumpkin5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781126370Junebug Blues4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781129852Junebug Blues5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781123171Longhorn4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781105795Longhorn5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781121955Mean Green4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781131190Mean Green5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781133279Midnight Madi Gras4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781135327Midnight Madi Gras5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781053720Motor Oil4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781114179Motor Oil5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781134115Mouthwash4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781138007Mouthwash5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781156292Pink Lady4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781170311Pink Lady5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781168141Plum Apple4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781167670Plum Apple5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781174173Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781163290Pumpkin Seed5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781173084Purple Passion4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781181324Purple Passion5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781179437Purple Shimmer4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781188033Purple Shimmer5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781175699Raider4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781195178Raider5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781196397Red Raider4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781184998Red Raider5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781203613Root Beer4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781205631Root Beer5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781198179Shark Skin4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781206508Shark Skin5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781145005Silver Shad4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781175149Silver Shad5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781211847Snowflake4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781212615Snowflake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781212479Spearmint4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781215562Spearmint5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781217726Sun Dried Tomato4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781219249Sun Dried Tomato5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781216255Tarheel4in | 10cm8Out of stock$6.49
698781219652Tarheel5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$6.99
698781196120Watermelon Candy4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781213971Watermelon Candy5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781219201Watermelon Gold4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781223956Watermelon Gold5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
691959744598Watermelon Grape4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
691959745618Watermelon Grape5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781229422Watermelon Red4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781230411Watermelon Red5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
698781247167Xmas4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
698781244685Xmas5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
729205939358Yellow Jacket4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
729205942563Yellow Jacket5in | 12.7cm8In stock$6.99
681541928475N/A4in | 10cmN/AIn stock$6.49
681541930591N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
691959804759N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AOut of stock$6.99
655471602361N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
647351741505N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
655368290527N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
655466320959N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
698869534851N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
656382116077N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99
674276416102N/A5in | 12.7cmN/AIn stock$6.99

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