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Roboworm Straight Tail 4.5"

15 reviews
358 anglers use it
  • Color:

    Aaron's Magic

  • Length:

    4.5in | 11.4cm

  • Quantity in Pack:


Selected variant is out of stock

About this product

Roboworm Straight Tail Worms - Roboworm's flagship series. These are the worms that started it all, Roboworm's original straight tail worm. Computer, and robotic engineered precision hand poured style soft plastic worms. Featuring Roboworm's awesome triple color pours and Roboworm's exclusive "salt release system". When a fish strikes these worms, a burst of salt is emitted, causing the fish to hold onto the bait longer, enabling the angler to detect the bite. No other soft plastic worm can match the detail in colors that Roboworm produces in this line up. This line features the often copied, but never duplicated Aaron's Magic, the top selling color in soft plastic history. The Roboworm straight tail worms excel in all applications, including drop shotting, shakey head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dart head, split shot rig, flipping' and pitching'. Made in the U.S.A.

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
ROST8296Aaron's Magic4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56Current variant
ROSTH23RAaron's Morning Dawn4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROST823YAaron's Pro Magic4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTM63HAaron's Pro Shad4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROST829YAarons Magic Red Black Flake4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST153GBaby Bass4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTM1BHXBait Ball4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTMJ9YXBitchin' Craw4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST2620Black Grape4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA6A0Blue Crawler4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA7K3Bold Bluegill4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTF2JYXDesert Craw4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTF66YEhrler's Edge4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTB6BFFolkstad Special4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTF5FBGreen Neon Pumpkin4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTF6BFXGreen Pumpkin Purple4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROST8890Green Weenie4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTHK3QXHalogram Dawn4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTM13HHologram Shad4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST2K2CJunebug Chartreuse4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTB29FM.M. III4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTB296Margarita Mutilator4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTH2T6Martens Madness4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST8K1MMean Green4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTH3H0Morning Dawn4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTHK30Morning Dawn Chartreuse4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTH3HHXMorning Dawn Halo4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.73
ROSTH3HRMorning Dawn Red Flake4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTHKHRXMorning Sunrise4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST8Z3MNew Ayu4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA7JOXOrange Crusher4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTADAROx Blood / Red Flake4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA2AROx Blood Light with Red Flake4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA2AFXPeoples Worm4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.56
ROSTH4HRPlum Berry4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTA23FPro Blue Neon4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.11
ROSTF8KFPumpkin Punisher4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTH2TRRed Crawler4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTMY3HSXE Shad4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROSTH670Tequila Sunrise4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST93GFWarmouth4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.45
ROSTF6FHWatermelon Magic4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST9KD0XWitches T4.5in | 11.4cm10In stock$3.56
ROST841XX-mas Purple Weenie4.5in | 11.4cm10Out of stock$3.11

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Spotted bass

Spotted bass



Rock bass

Rock bass

Spotted sand bass

Spotted sand bass

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15 reviews
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