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Strike King Red Eye Shad

4.9(14 reviews)
261 anglers use it
In Stock

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  • Color:

    Bleeding Fire Tiger

  • Weight:

    0.5oz | 14.17g

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About this product

The Red Eyed Shad has become the standard bearer lipless crankbait on the pro tour. Designed by our National Pro-Staff, the Red Eye Shad has incredible action and features some awesome paint jobs, premium hooks, 3D eyes and free floating rattles to give you the best action and sound of any lipless crankbait on the market. The action when it free falls is awesome!!

Sometimes a quieter approach is the key to success. The Silent Series models do not have a rattle. On pressured waters, extremely clear water, or when an active school turns off, try a Silent Series Red Eyed Shad and see what happens…

Specifications and variants

SKREYESD12317Bleeding Fire Tiger0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32Current variant
SKREYESD12391Bleeding Chrome Blue0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12108Blue Claw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14583Blue Gizzard Shad0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12690XBlue Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12447Brown Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12467Bully0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12538Chartreuse Sexy Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14648Chili Craw0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12648Chili Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD34648Chili Craw0.75oz | 21gIn stock$5.96
SKREYESD14402Chrome Black0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD34402Chrome Black0.75oz | 21gIn stock$5.96
SKREYESD14409Chrome Blue Back0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12450Delta Red0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12900Fire Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12406Gold Black Back0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12620Gold Sexy Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD34620Gold Sexy Shad0.75oz | 21gIn stock$5.96
SKREYESD14568Green Gizzard Shad0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12568Green Gizzard Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD1246Green Pumpkin Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12699Natural Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12564Orange Belly Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14421Orange Craw0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12421Orange Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD34421Orange Craw0.75oz | 21gIn stock$5.96
SKREYESD14468Phantom Watermellon Red Craw0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12681Pro Blue0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14430Red Craw Chartreuse0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12430Red Craw Chartreuse0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD34430Red Craw Chartreuse0.75oz | 21gIn stock$5.96
SKREYESD12611XReel Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12451Sam Rayburn Red Craw0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12688XSexy Green Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14590Sexy Shad0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12590Sexy Shad0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14469Tennessee Shad 2.00.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD14477The Shizzle0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12706Wicked0.5oz | 14.17gIn stock$5.32
SKREYESD12454Albino Craw0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12556Baby Carp0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34556Baby Carp0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12392Bleeding Chrome Black0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12311Bleeding Gizzard Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12583Blue Gizzard Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34583Blue Gizzard Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12622Bluegill0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD14467Bully0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD14432Chartreuse Baitfish0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12432Chartreuse Baitfish0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34432Chartreuse Baitfish0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12562Chartreuse Belly Craw0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12650Chartreuse Perch0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34650Chartreuse Perch0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12565XChartreuse Rootbeer0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD14538Chartreuse Sexy Shad0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34538Chartreuse Sexy Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14598Chartreuse Shad0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12598Chartreuse Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12402Chrome Black0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12409Chrome Blue Back0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34409Chrome Blue Back0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12534Citrus Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12500Clear Ghost Sexy Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34500Clear Ghost Sexy Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.54
SKREYESD12667DB Craw0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34667DB Craw0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD34450Delta Red0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12410East Texas Special0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD14900Fire Craw0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34900Fire Craw0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14419Fire Tiger0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12419Fire Tiger0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD14511Gizzard Shad0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12511Gizzard Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34511Gizzard Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14406Gold Black Back0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34406Gold Black Back0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14620Gold Sexy Shad0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34568Green Gizzard Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12446Green Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12550Japanese Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12MM2XMM Moongill0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12MM1XMM Pineapple Smash0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12663Natural Bream0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34663Natural Bream0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD34699Natural Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12651Neon Bluegill0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34651Neon Bluegill0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12498Neon Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12453Olive Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34564Orange Belly Craw0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12697Orange Bream0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12584Oyster0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12413Pearl0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12468Phantom Watermellon Red Craw0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34468Phantom Watermellon Red Craw0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12414Red Black Back / Gold0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12452Royal Purple0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34452Royal Purple0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12448Royal Red0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34448Royal Red0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD34451Sam Rayburn Red Craw0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12586Sexy Black Back Herring0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12600Sexy Lavender Shad0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34590Sexy Shad0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14514Sexy Shad Chrome0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12514Sexy Shad Chrome0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34514Sexy Shad Chrome0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12526Sexy Sunfish0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34526Sexy Sunfish0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD14401Smokey Chrome / Blue0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12401Smokey Chrome / Blue0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34401Smokey Chrome / Blue0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12462Sugar Daddy0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD12469Tennessee Shad 2.00.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34469Tennessee Shad 2.00.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96
SKREYESD12477The Shizzle0.5oz | 14.17gOut of stock$5.32
SKREYESD34477The Shizzle0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$5.96

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass



Black crappie

Black crappie



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