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Spro Wameku Shad 70

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  • Color:

    Delta Crawfish

  • Length:

    2.75in | 7cm

  • Weight:

    0.75oz | 21g

Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

Designed in collaboration between Spro and BPT angler Shin Fukae, the Spro Wameku Shad 70 has been fine tuned with a unique acoustic profile that sets it apart from all other lipless crankbaits. Coming from the Japanese word "Wameku," which means "loud talking and noise," the aptly named Spro Wameku Shad 70 features a distinct, high-pitch knocking sound that is unlike anything bass have ever heard.

In addition to its defined auditory presence, the Spro Wamkeu Shad 70 also features two line ties, allowing anglers to utilize two distinctly different, yet equally effective presentations. The forward line tie provides an attitude that excels in shallow water, while the rear line tie provides a more subtle action that allows the bait to get down in the water column. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Spro Wameku Shad 70 delivers a unique blend of sound and vibration that will undoubtedly grab the attention of bass. 

Specifications and variants

GUSWS70DCWDelta Crawfish2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04Current variant
GUSWS70BBGBlack Back Gold2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04
GUSWS70CSDChrome Shad2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04
GUSWS70CRCCraw Chartreuse2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04
GUSWS70MSCMatte Sexy Chrome2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04
GUSWS70PRNPurple Rain2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04
GUSWS70RBRRayburn Red2.75in | 7cm0.75oz | 21gOut of stock$12.04

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