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Wyld Life - 30oz

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Black Tumbler / Buffalo30oz
In Stock
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About this product

30oz Tumblers

We’ve reinvented our classic tumbler with our WYLD-ly high standards. Step up your drink game with the perfect mix of rugged durability and comfortable pro-grade features. The Wyld tumblers pack a heavy-duty temperature control into an ergonomic shape that easily fits every cupholder. All tumblers contain a built-in bottle opener located within base.

Cap it off with the vacuum-insulated, spill proof  V-Flow lid. Ice will stay frosty for 24 hours and you can sip on a steaming beverage up to 6 hours later! Whether you’re sipping coffee on the morning commute or toasting adventure at the summit, this triple insulated stainless steel tumbler ensures that your drink will stay perfectly hot or chilled for the occasion.

    • Triple insulated with stainless steel
    • Built-In bottle opener
    • V-Flow Spill Proof Lid
    • Soft touch NO SWEAT exterior
    • 2 Sizes: 20oz & 30oz

    Specifications and variants

    N/ABlack Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49Current variant
    N/ABlack Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy Blue Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy Blue Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy Blue Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy Blue Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy Blue Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow Tumbler / Buffalo30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow Tumbler / Moose30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow Tumbler / Pronghorn30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow Tumbler / Turkey30ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow Tumbler / White Tail30ozIn stock$28.49

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