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Wyld Life - Multi Can

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Black MultiCan / Buffalo12oz
In Stock
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About this product

12oz Multi-Can

The All New Wyld Multi-Can™ is great for outdoor adventure, BBQs, tailgating, and so much more. Simply pick your beverage and the perfect lid to match. The Multi-Can holds over 7 different sizes of bottles and cans securely in place with our pro-grade rubber gasket lid. Unlike cushy, wimpy koozies, this insulated Multi-Can is crafted with premium stainless steel, so your beverage will be cold (or hot) and delicious until the last drop! Just like you, the Multi-can™ is multi-talented!

The Multi-Can works 20x better than a normal neoprene drink sleeve! Inserting your can is a breeze thanks to our true fit gasket.

  • Built-In Rear Bottle Opener
  • Ice Cold Guaranteed
  • No Sweat Exterior
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • Pro-Grade Stainless Steel
  • No Slip Grip Rubber Base
  • Cup Holder Friendly
  • Resists Dents And Drops

    Specifications and variants

    N/ABlack MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49Current variant
    N/ABlack MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABlack MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ABurnt Orange MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AGrey MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ALime Green MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AMaroon MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ANavy MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AOD Green MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APink MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/APurple MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARed MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ARoyal Blue MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/ATeal MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AWhite MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow MultiCan / Buffalo12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow MultiCan / Moose12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow MultiCan / Pronghorn12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow MultiCan / Turkey12ozIn stock$28.49
    N/AYellow MultiCan / White Tail12ozIn stock$28.49

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