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Impact Bully Blade - Bladed Jig

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    0.625oz | 17.5g

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade - Vibrating Blade Bait on Fishbrain Shop.

The Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade Jig is a new take on the vibrating jig that creates a totally unique action and simply triggers more fish to bite. Upfront, the Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade Jig is equipped with a fixed vertical blade coming off the noise, which not only produces a hard thumping vibration but allows anglers to adjust the diving angle by bending the blade forward or backward to target deeper or shallower water.

It also features a split ring pivot point that connects the head to the body to increase the bait's range of motion and create a wider kicking action. Fitted with high-quality components, the Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade Jig features a 4/0 razor-sharp O’Shaughnessy style hook for a superior hook-up and landing ratio.

It is also outfitted with a hand-tied skirt that provides a lively pulsating action and a double barbed trailer keeper that holds soft plastics securely in place. Show the fish something different and take your vibrating jig fishing to the next level with the Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade Jig.

Features of Lunkerhunt Impact Bully Blade - Vibrating Blade Bait
- Weed resistant body shape
- Attracts fish from a distance
- Has a natural swimming action and features a silicone skirt
- Its blade produces a thumping vibration that displaces a lot of water

Technical Details

Weight: 5/8 oz

Hook size: 4/0


Lunkerhunt is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels. A lot of research and development goes into every Lunkerhunt product to ensure strict quality and performance standards are met.

Specifications and variants

IMBLB01Craw0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24Current variant
IMBLB05Cabbage0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24
IMBLB06Dark Knight0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24
IMBLB02Electric0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24
IMBLB03Moss0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24
IMBLB04Sassy0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$5.24

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

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