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Straight Up

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About this product

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Combining Lunkherhunt’s penchant for lifelike detail with a classic vertical jig design, the Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig delivers an unbeatable attraction that is sure to boost your fish counts. Appealing to a wide range of species, the Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig is covered with a true-to-life finish that tempts everything bass-to-pike-to-perch.

Built to capitalize on the faintest nibble, the Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig is armed with fixed hooks on the front and back, as well as, a treble hook along the belly.

Perfect for working with a snapping retrieve, the wings at the rear of the Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig provide a gliding descent that works just as well in the ice as it does in open water. Available in a range of ultra-realistic patterns, the Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig delivers a universal appeal that is sure to keep your line tight.

Features of Lunkerhunt Straight Up
- High quality hooks
- Proven fish catching design
- Double treble
- Fixed face and tail hooks
- Available in 4 sizes: 3/16oz, 1/2oz, 5/8oz, 7/8oz

Technical Details

Size: 3/16 | 1/2 | 5/8 | 7/8 oz


Lunkerhunt is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels. A lot of research and development goes into every Lunkerhunt product to ensure strict quality and performance standards are met.

Specifications and variants

SUXC02Bluegill5/8ozIn stock$7.99Current variant
SUPH04Bass1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ04Bass3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC11Bass5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR11Bass7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH05Bluegill1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ05Bluegill3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUYR02Bluegill7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH06Bream1/2ozIn stock$7.69
SUJQ06Bream3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC12Bream5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR12Bream7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH03Brown1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ03Brown3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC10Brown5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR10Brown7/8ozIn stock$8.59
SUPH10CHUM1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ10CHUM3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC14CHUM5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR14CHUM7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUXC08Citrus Shad5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUPH01Common Shiner1/2ozIn stock$7.69
SUJQ01Common Shiner3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC01Common Shiner5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR01Common Shiner7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH15Gizzard Shad1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ15Gizzard Shad3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUYR08Gizzard Shad7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH11Jack1/2ozIn stock$7.69
SUJQ11Jack3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC15Jack5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR15Jack7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH07Perch1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ07Perch3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC03Perch5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR03Perch7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH12Rainbow1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ12Rainbow3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC05Rainbow5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR05Rainbow7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH02Rocky1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ02Rocky3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC09Rocky5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR09Rocky7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH09Smelt1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ09Smelt3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC13Smelt5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR13Smelt7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH08Spawner1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ08Spawner3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC04Spawner5/8ozOut of stock$7.99
SUYR04Spawner7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH14Threadfin1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ14Threadfin3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC07Threadfin5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR07Threadfin7/8ozOut of stock$8.59
SUPH13White Bass1/2ozOut of stock$7.69
SUJQ13White Bass3/16ozOut of stock$7.29
SUXC06White Bass5/8ozIn stock$7.99
SUYR06White Bass7/8ozOut of stock$8.59

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