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  • Color:

    Blue Tiger

  • Weight:

    0.1875oz | 5.3g

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About this product

This shallow-diving crankbait is available in three sizes with varying diving depths. The #7 dives 4’ to 6’; the #8 dives 5’ to 8’; and the #10 dives 6’ to 10’. All are formed of balsa through the Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process and feature a welded through wire construction from the tie eye to the tail. This tight action elongated profile bait mimics forage such as minnows. Great for casting or trolling this bait works in a variety of situations. The Rumble Shiner is available in a multitude of colors, from match-the-hatch patterns to bright and vibrant custom paint themes. Features premium short shank treble hooks and an oval split ring on the line tie.

  • Heat Compression Molding (HCM) Construction
  • Welded Through Wire Construction from tie eye to the tail
  • Individually Tank-Tested

Specifications and variants

RSN7-BTBlue Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99Current variant
RSN8-BTBlue Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-BTBlue Tiger0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-BBTBubblegum Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-BBTBubblegum Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-BBTBubblegum Tiger0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-GPGold Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-GPGold Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-GPGold Perch0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-HPHot Perch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-HPHot Perch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-HPHot Perch0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-LTLemon Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-LTLemon Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-LTLemon Tiger0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-OTOlive Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-OTOlive Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-OTOlive Tiger0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-PERPerch0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-PERPerch0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-PERPerch0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-PIPPink Pearl0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-PIPPink Pearl0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-PIPPink Pearl0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-PUPPurple Pearl0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-PUPPurple Pearl0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-PUPPurple Pearl0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-PTPurple Tiger0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-PTPurple Tiger0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-PTPurple Tiger0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-PWPurple Wonder0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-PWPurple Wonder0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-PWPurple Wonder0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-SLVSSilver Shiner0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-SLVSSilver Shiner0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-SLVSSilver Shiner0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-SNZSneeze0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-SNZSneeze0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-SNZSneeze0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-SCSteel Chartreuse0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-SCSteel Chartreuse0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-SCSteel Chartreuse0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RSN7-WWWonderbread0.1875oz | 5.3gIn stock$9.99
RSN8-WWWonderbread0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RSN10-WWWonderbread0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99

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