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Line Break StrengthColorLength
80lb | 36.2kgYellow300 yds
In Stock
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About this product

Learn more about and Buy TUF-LINE Tuf Line Xp, Fishing Lines on Fishbrain Shop.

Aerospace technology has been utilized to produce our TUF-LINE® XP fishing line. Tension Lock Technology TUF-LINE XP is braided under high tension, creating more compaction of the fibers during the finishing process and a rounder profile than competitive lines.

TUF-LINE XP is more compact, smaller in diameter, packs better on reels, offers better knot performance, casts longer, reduces rod tip wraps, and boasts higher abrasion resistance. TUF-LINE® XPs state-of-the-art coating remains permanently bonded to the fibers, offering an incredibly long service life with zero sheddings to become our best-selling braided super line.

Features TUF-LINE Tuf Line Xp

  • Utilizes aerospace technology
  • Tension Lock Technology Tuf-Line Xp Is Braided Under High Tension
  • Produced under high tensions allowing more compaction of the fibers
  • Tuf-Line XP Is More Compact, Smaller In Diameter, Packs Better On Reels
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must-have for any fisherman
  • Offers Better Knot Performance, Casts Longer, Reduces Rod Tip Wraps, And Boasts Higher Abrasion Resistance

Technical Details

Color : Green

Length : 150 yds

Line Break Strength : 6 lb


Founded in 1938, TUF-LINE set out to change the industry standards. After more than 80 years of continuous evolution, we have since become a leader in high-performance premium braided fishing line. Pioneering the first-ever UHMWPE braided fishing line, TUF-LINE (The Ultimate Fishing Line) continues to redefine what makes a strong line. Through years of experience and persistence, we continue to manufacture a variety of products that are sure to fill every need of our fellow anglers. Known as the industry leader in textile braiding, TUF-LINE has grown consistently along with its reputation of unwavering quality.

Specifications and variants

 Line Break StrengthColorLengthAvailabilityPrice 
XP80300YE80lb | 36.2kgYellow300 ydsIn stock$66.99Current variant
XP1002500BLN/ABlueN/AOut of stock$546.99
XP1301200BLN/ABlueN/AOut of stock$332.99
XP1302500BLN/ABlueN/AIn stock$655.99
XP130300BLN/ABlueN/AOut of stock$82.99
XP1501200BLN/ABlueN/AOut of stock$339.99
XP2001200BLN/ABlueN/AIn stock$351.99
XP2502500BLN/ABlueN/AIn stock$682.99
XP502500BLN/ABlueN/AIn stock$369.99
XP652500BLN/ABlueN/AIn stock$369.99
XP802500BLN/ABlueN/AOut of stock$501.99
XP100150GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$36.99
XP1002500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$546.99
XP100300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$72.99
XP10150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP1302500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$655.99
XP130300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$82.99
XP1502500GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$663.99
XP150300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$88.99
XP15150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP152500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$299.99
XP15300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$41.99
XP200100GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$33.99
XP2001200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$351.99
XP2002500GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$687.99
XP20150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP202500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$299.99
XP20300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$41.99
XP20600GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$75.99
XP2501200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$350.99
XP2502500GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$682.99
XP301200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$148.99
XP30150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP302500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$299.99
XP30300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$41.99
XP30600GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$75.99
XP40150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$25.99
XP402500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$369.99
XP40300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$49.99
XP501200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$178.99
XP50150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$25.99
XP50200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$33.99
XP502500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$369.99
XP50300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$49.99
XP6150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP651200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$178.99
XP65150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$25.99
XP65200GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$33.99
XP652500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$369.99
XP65300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$49.99
XP801200GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$255.99
XP80150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$33.99
XP802500GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$501.99
XP80300GNN/AGreenN/AOut of stock$66.99
XP80600GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$130.99
XP8150GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$21.99
XP8300GNN/AGreenN/AIn stock$41.99
XP1002500N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$546.99
XP100300N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$72.99
XP1301200N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$332.99
XP1302500N/AWhiteN/AOut of stock$655.99
XP130300N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$82.99
XP50300N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$49.99
XP651200N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$178.99
XP652500N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$369.99
XP65300N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$49.99
XP802500N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$501.99
XP80300N/AWhiteN/AIn stock$66.99
XP1001200YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$283.99
XP1002500YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$546.99
XP100300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$72.99
XP1302500YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$655.99
XP130600YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$166.99
XP1501200YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$339.99
XP1502500YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$663.99
XP150300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$88.99
XP2001200YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$351.99
XP2002500YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$687.99
XP200300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$92.99
XP2501200YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$350.99
XP30300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$41.99
XP502500YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$369.99
XP50300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$49.99
XP652500YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$369.99
XP65300YEN/AYellowN/AIn stock$49.99
XP801200YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$255.99
XP80150YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$33.99
XP802500YEN/AYellowN/AOut of stock$501.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

White sturgeon

White sturgeon



Chinook salmon

Chinook salmon

Common snook

Common snook

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